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Welcome to the new home of the Burbage Family History site and to the first phase of the integration which will, we hope, result in the definitive site for those wishing to know about the parish of BURBAGE, WILTSHIRE.

All Saints Church

Genealogy in the Burbage area of Wiltshire

This part of the site is aimed at those who have ancestry in Burbage, Wiltshire, and surrounding villages.

We aim to pool information: if you have any queries about the site or have material you would like to contribute please contact Colin Younger by clicking email Colin Younger But please note you will need Javascript enabled

We have a (free) mailing list which you should use if you wish to ask a question about your ancestors - please visit UK-Burbage Mailing List

Transcripts of the Census Returns for the Parish of Burbage (plus some strays)
An analysis of Wills made by local people plus
Names in Wills
and an Index of Names in Wills
Surname Interest List - contacts from around the world  Updated October 6th 2006
Sue Walther's Burbage Surnames
Monumental Inscriptions from Burbage
List of Methodist Baptisms in Burbage Chapel (1839 to 1967)
Baptisms index 1562-1864 May 25 2003
Surname occurrences from baptisms 1562-1864
A short list of mishaps recorded as a result of Marriage Banns being read out
Marriages 1800 - 1821 (with details of witnesses etc)
Marriages 1664 - 1837
Marriage witnesses index 1754-1837
Marriage 1837 - 1900
Burials index 1561-1601, 1661-1834 & 1834-1934 Updated 28th May 2007
Burials index for St. Katherine's 1861-1949 Added 9th May 2008
Strays - Records of Wiltshire people in other parishes. October 26th 2008
Marriage Strays - Records of Wiltshire people getting married in other parishes. October 26th 2008
Copies of original Documents which may be of use to family historians
Lists of over 4000 Burbage Residents (1720 to 1907)
Bibliography of Burbage
Photographs May 2 2003
Genealogy-related stories Updated April 27th 2006
Gallery seats - a "mini-census" of church singers 1750, 1780, 1818
Machine breakers! - some details of Burbage Swing Rioters - from Jill Chamber's books.

Those from the area who applied to emigrate via the Wiltshire Emigration Association in 1851.

A Collection ... in Ye Year 1670 - names of those who gave.
A map of Burbage(1750-64) (216k)
Parishes around Burbage (292k)

Links related to Burbage and Wiltshire family history

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