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Burbage All Saints Marriage Banns

Before a couple could be married in the parish church their "banns" had to be read to the congregation for 3 consecutive Sundays before the union could be blessed. This allowed the locals to bring to the vicar's notice any reason why they should not be married in church (or, in extreme cases, married at all).
Where the couple came from different parishes the banns were read in both and a certificate issued by the vicar who was not performing the ceremony (usually, but not always, the service took place in the bride's parish). It is interesting to note that the parish given is sometimes that where the party resided and not necessarily where they were born.
Mostly, the events took place without issue but occasionally something would go wrong and would no doubt become a topic of local gossip.
Whilst looking through the recording of Banns in All Saints, Burbage, between 1877 and 1940 the following took place:
1882 September 24th and the following 2 Sundays

Matthew Vardy of the parish of Yetminster, Sherbourne, Dorset, bachelor & Georgianna Skittrall, spinster of Burbage

The entry is crossed out and it is noted "These parties had to be published again because the man was wrongly described"

Presumably enquiries to Yetminster revealed that no one had heard of him and so the following entry:

1882 October 29th and the following 2 Sundays

Matthew Vardy of the parish of St. Peter's, Pilning near Bristol, bachelor & Georgianna Skittrall, spinster of Burbage
September 8th 1895

Frederick Alford, bachelor & Ellen Burrow, spinster, both of this parish;

The entry is crossed out after the first reading and a comment made " name mistaken". What a mistake to make - they were both from Burbage!! Can you imagine the comments in the congregation, and the blushes of the future bride, when it was read out? No doubt there were red faces at the vicarage that day.

September 22 1895 and the two following Sundays

Frederick Alford , bachelor & Ellen Page, spinster, both of this parish

A comment in the column reads "Married". At least there was a happy ending.
1901 October 6th and the two following Sundays

Joseph Taylor, bachelor of the parish of Calverton, Nottingham & Mary Ann Skittrall, spinster of this parish

A comment in the margins reads "Refused to celebrate this marriage as one of the contracting parties was divorced" but he does not say which!
1903 July 5th and the following 2 Sundays

John Flippance, bachelor & Emma Skittral, both of this parish

Tragically a note in the margin announces that "Emma Skittral died", presumably, before being able to be married.
1907 January 13th

Henry Francis Donaghue, bachelor & Enid [?] Viveash, spinster, both of this parish

The banns were first read on the above date but were not read any more. Why? Did someone object? Did they change their minds? Who knows?
1918 December 22nd

Walter Wright, bachelor & Lilian Violet Annie Smith spinster, both of this parish

After the banns were read on the 22nd the entry was then crossed out. A note reads "married by licence" which suggests that some event necessitated the marriage to be brought forward in a hurry.
3rd February 1935 and the following 2 Sundays

Joseph Authbert, bachelor of the parish of Heslington, Yorkshire & Gwendoline Ellen Flippence, spinster of this parish

"Married by license as the man's banns were not read in his parish".

I was contacted by Stanley Scott who explains "The true facts are that because of a mixup and to confuse persons in his military unit, who would have all turned up to what was meant to be a quiet family wedding, there was a degree of haste, the wedding took place in February 1935, his daughter was born in November 1937. Sadly Joe passed away April 2006 just short of his 95th birthday, his wife Gwendoline passed away in 1998."

The following is a transcription of the Burbage Parish banns read between September 1877 and December 1907. After that date and until 1913 the writing of the incumbent, Richard de Crespigny Thelwall, becomes very difficult to decipher. He actually took over the living in 1903 and was pretty casual about how he entered the details, often forgetting to record the woman's maritial status.

Man's Name Status Of Woman's Name Status Of Date of 1st Reading M/C
Francis New Bachelor Burbage Emily Ann Rumble Spinster Devizes 09/09/1877  
Broom Vines Bachelor Burbage Ellen Heyward Spinster Little Somerford, Chippenham 14/10/1877  
Thomas Vallis Bachelor Burbage Mary Ann Rose Spinster Burbage 14/10/1877  
William Kimber Bachelor Burbage Hannah Hatter [?] Spinster Burbage 01/02/1878  
John Gilford Bachelor St Mary's, Marlborough Susannah Skittral Spinster Burbage 24/02/1878  
Thomas Munday Bachelor Burbage Alice Pocock Spinster Burbage 24/02/1878  
Thomas Wheeler Widower Burbage Joanna Lendon [?] Widow Burbage 16/06/1878  
George Davis Bachelor Burbage Elizabeth New Spinster Burbage 08/09/1878  
John Hillier Bachelor Burbage Emily Kimber Spinster Burbage 29/09/1878  
Albert Ezekiel Jackman Bachelor Burbage Sarah Martha Blanchard Spinster Ogbourne St Andrews 03/11/1878  
George Holmes Widower Burbage Cecilia Pocock Spinster Burbage 01/12/1878  
James Vallis Widower Westcourt Sarah White Widow East Grafton 24/04/1879  
Henry New Bachelor Burbage Ann Beckingham Widow Burbage 11/05/1879  
Walter Summerhayes Bachelor St Marks, Kensington Anne Long Widow Burbage 06/07/1879  
John Marten Bachelor Durley Mary Ann Lewis Widow Burbage 20/07/1879  
John Edward Pye Bachelor Burbage Elizabeth Pamela Gilbert Spinster East Grafton 10/08/1879  
Lorenzo Long Bachelor Burbage Sarah Blackman Spinster Burbage 14/09/1879  
James Burough Bachelor Burbage Ann Maria Lovelock ? East Grafton 14/09/1879  
Henry Jackman Bachelor Burbage Emily Bright Spinster Newbury 21/09/1879  
Charles James Bachelor Burbage Ann Banning Spinster Burbage 18/04/1880  
William Kite Bachelor Rodbourne Cheney Emily Ellen Davis Spinster Burbage 30/05/1880  
James Flippence Widower Easton Royal Mary Ann Morse Widow Burbage 25/07/1880  
John Spanswick Widower Burbage Maria Stagg Widow Burbage 18/08/1880  
Frederick James Perry Bachelor Burbage Emily Smith Spinster Burbage 15/08/1880  
Sidney Astley Bachelor East Grafton Emily Johnson Spinster Burbage 10/10/1880  
Albert Allford Bachelor Burbage Annie May Spinster Burbage 17/10/1880  
George Mead Widower East Grafton Sarah Neale Widow Burbage 28/11/1880  
Henry Stagg Bachelor Burbage Elizabeth Ann Burrow Spinster Burbage 02/01/1881  
Alma Head Bachelor Burbage Elizabeth Fisher Spinster Burbage 11/09/1881  
John Nutley Bachelor Collingbourne Kingston Julia Goddard Spinster Burbage 11/09/1881  
Henry Wheeler Widower Burbage Jane Brinsden Spinster St Pauls, New Swindon 02/10/1881  
William Henry Kimber Bachelor Burbage Louisa Maria Fribbence Spinster Great Bedwyn 27/11/1881  
David Wilcox Bachelor Burbage Mary Frances Merritt [?] Spinster Burbage 14/05/1882  
Thomas Willie Bachelor Burbage Esther Hayward Spinster Easton Royal 02/07/1882  
Daniel Tom Harding Bachelor Burbage Rosa Challis Spinster St Mary's Devizes 27/08/1882  
Walter Hillier Bachelor Burbage Elizabeth Chivers Spinster St Mary's Marlborough 17/09/1882  
Matthew Vardy Bachelor Upminster, Sherbourne Georgianna Skittrel Spinster Burbage 24/09/1882  
Matthew Vardy Bachelor St Peter's Pilning, Bristol Georgianna Skittrel Spinster Burbage 29/10/1882  
Reuben George Green Bachelor Burbage Martha Ann Bailey Spinster Burbage 11/03/1883  
Joseph Windsor Bachelor Burbage Elizabeth Ann Hope Spinster Burbage 08/04/1883  
Isaac Walton Bachelor South Wroxhall Maria Blackman Spinster Burbage 15/04/1883  
William Yates Bachelor Burbage Jane Sawyer Spinster Mildenhall 07/10/1883  
William Martin Bachelor Shemstone, Staffordshire Agnes Fanny Minshall Spinster Burbage 02/12/1883  
William Coles Bachelor Milton Emily Edwards Spinster Burbage 09/12/1883  
William Henry Bull Bachelor Burbage Elizabeth Ann Chandler Spinster Burbage 24/02/1884  
Edwin Philip Nutley Bachelor St Giles Camberwell Alice Mary Johnson Spinster Burbage 16/03/1884  
Joseph Pragnell Bachelor Burbage Sarah Ann Hope Spinster Burbage 30/03/1884  
William John Chandler Bachelor Burbage Elizabeth Liddiard Spinster Burbage 11/05/1884  
Albert Perry Bachelor Burbage Avis Burrough Spinster Burbage 01/06/1884  
Jeremiah Kingstone Widower Burbage Jane Bright Widow Easton Royal 31/08/1884  
John Hillier Bachelor Burbage Mary Jane Pye Spinster Burbage 23/11/1884  
William Hillier Bachelor Burbage Emily James Spinster Burbage 26/04/1885  
Henry Wheeler Bachelor Burbage Mary Ann Kimber Spinster Burbage 14/06/1885  
George Stratton Bachelor St. Mary's Speenhamland Mary Maria Hilliard Spinster Burbage 05/07/1885  
Henry New Widower Burbage Julia Lansley tasker Spinster Burbage 12/07/1885  
Jesse Long Bachelor Burbage Annie Barrett Spinster East Grafton 27/09/1885  
Gavin Dickie McMillan Bachelor Gallowgate, Glasgow Catherine Sarah Hilliard Spinster Burbage 01/11/1885  
Albert Harris Wareham Bachelor Farringdon, Berks Annie Sophia Hilliard Spinster Burbage 04/04/1886  
Henry Charles Bailey Bachelor Burbage Louisa Underwood Spinster Milton 09/05/1886  
Stephen Jefferies Bachelor Amport Sarah Louise Webber Spinster Burbage 01/08/1886  
Thomas Smith Maslin Bachelor Hampstead Norris Alice Ann Wareham Spinster Burbage 05/09/1886  
Frederick Smith Bachelor New Swindon Britannia Maria Wheeler Spinster Burbage 03/10/1886  
William Swatton Bachelor Sevenhampstead, Highworth Rebecca Skittral Spinster Burbage 07/11/1886  
Charles Edward Light Bachelor Easton Royal Fanny Louisa Rawlings Spinster Burbage 14/11/1886  
Francis Ralph Bachelor Burbage Louisa Cook Spinster Burbage 28/11/1886  
William Henry Higgs Bachelor St Mary's, Reading Mary Ann Bailey Spinster Burbage 05/12/1886  
Walter Skittral Bachelor Burbage Ellan Lay Widow Collingbourne Kingstone 12/12/1886  
Edwin Philip Holton Bachelor Burbage Elizabeth Hillier Spinster Burbage 20/02/1887  
Charles Thornton Bachelor St John's Westminster Jane Neale Spinster Burbage 06/03/1887  
John Townsend Bachelor Burbage Eliza Blake French Spinster St Peter's Southsea 27/03/1887  
Theophilus Charles Burridge Bachelor St Pancras, Kentish Town Sarah Elizabeth Stone Spinster Burbage 08/05/1887  
William Henry Hope Bachelor Burbage Annie Teagle Spinster Burbage 08/05/1887  
George Bridgeman Widower Savernake Emma Rawlings Spinster Burbage 24/07/1887  
Tom Townsend Wheeler Bachelor Burbage Fanny Louisa Dove / Dore Spinster Burbage 31/07/1887  
Giles Hope Noyes Widower Burbage Maria Swanborough Widow Burbage 18/09/1887  
Samual Stephen Blackman Bachelor Burbage Elizabeth Wilcox Spinster Burbage 18/09/1887  
Frederick William Webb Bachelor Ogbourne St George Sarah Ann Pye Spinster Burbage 11/12/1887  
Charles Bluring Widower Lambourne Emma New Spinster Burbage 18/12/1887  
John Hillier Widower Burbage Ellen Wisby Widow Burbage 01/01/1888  
Frank Perry Bachelor Burbage Elizabeth Hillier Spinster Burbage 26/02/1888  
George Hillier Bachelor Burbage Alice Perry Spinster Burbage 06/05/1888  
George Wilson Knight Widower St Mary's, Southampton Amy Emma Good Spinster Burbage 07/10/1888  
Charles Henry Broadway Bachelor Burbage Tryphena Anstey Widow Burbage 13/01/1889  
Henry New Widower Burbage Annie Sophia Page Spinster Burbage 25/08/1889  
Henry Charles Norris Bachelor Burbage Catherine Smallbone Spinster Great Bedwyn 22/09/1889  
William Crook Bachelor Burbage Sarah Court Spinster Burbage 22/09/1889  
George Francis Cox Bachelor Burbage Sarah Annie Mills Spinster Vernham Dean 24/11/1889  
John Thomas Liddiard Bachelor St Mark's New Swindon Mary Jane Long Spinster Burbage 19/01/1890  
James Pitt Bachelor Bray, Berkshire Annie Georgina Hannath Spinster Burbage 09/03/1890  
Henry Fullbrook Widower St Lawrence, Reading Annie Maria Bailey Spinster Burbage 16/03/1890  
George Henry Hood Bachelor Burbage Anna Maria Hilliard Spinster Burbage 13/04/1890  
Joseph Blundy Bachelor Burbage Elisa Popejoy Spinster Burbage 27/04/18890  
Thomas Henry Beckingham Bachelor Burbage Anna Louisa Beckingham Spinster Burbage 12/10/1890 M
Edwin George Giddings Bachelor Burbage Ellen Barrett [?] Spinster Burbage 19/10/1890 m
Thomas Hope Widower Burbage Maria Carkeet [?] Lockett Spinster Great Bedwyn 26/10/1890 m
Frederick Hillier Bachelor Burbage Fanny Cox Spinster Grafton 09/11/1890 m
Frederick [?] John Giddings Bachelor Burbage Mary Newman Neale Spinster Burbage 11/01/1891 m
Sidney Malcolm Tame Bachelor Burbage Fanny Justins Spinster St Giles, Reading 18/01/1891 m
David Hailstone Bachelor Burbage Mary Jane Lee Widow East Grafton 18/01/1891  
James Mann Bachelor Burbage Anne Pye Spinster Burbage 15/03/1891 m
Mark Jeffery Bachelor St Margaret's Westminster Emma Hope Spinster Burbage 26/04/1891 m
John Burrows Bachelor Burbage Emma Matilda Spackman Spinster Burbage 02/08/1891 m
James Fisher Bachelor Burbage Mary Anne Wiltshire Spinster East Grafton 09/08/1891 m
William Joseph Brooks Bachelor Burbage Kate Nash Spinster Collingbourne Ducis 08/11/1891 c
Walter Combs Bachelor Swyre [?], Dorest Emily Hilliard Spinster Burbage 13/12/1891 m
Frank Matthews Bachelor New Swindon Harriett Hilliard Spinster Burbage 13/12/1891 m
William Henry Hope Bachelor Burbage Annie Elizabeth Hillier Spinster Burbage 03/01/1892 m
John Henry Young Bachelor Burbage Georgina Popejoy Spinster Burbage 07/02/1892 m
Walter Davis Bachelor Amport Rosina Highett Spinster Burbage 27/03/1892 m
John Martin Bachelor St Mary's, Kemp Town, Brighton Sarah Annie Nutley Spinster Burbage 03/04/1892 m
William Henry Hamblan Bachelor Burbage Prisilla Pethers Spinster Peppard, Oxford 10/04/1892 m
William Francis Spanswick Bachelor Burbage Louisa Cheeseman Spinster East Grafton 01/05/1892 m
John Lee Bachelor Grafton Etheline Marie Caswell Spinster Burbage 22/05/1892 m
Henry Neale Nutley Bachelor Burbage Ann Stokes Spinster St. John, Clifton 22/05/1892 m
William Charles Whait Bachelor Finley [?], Norfolk Hannah Maria Wheeler Spinster Burbage 14/08/1892 m
John Henry Leaver Bachelor St Mary's Reading Emily Ellen Bailey Spinster Burbage 27/11/1892 m
George Popejoy Widower Burbage Maria New Widow Burbage 05/02/1893 m
Jonathan Glass Stone Widower Burbage Fanny Wheeler Widow Pewsey 12/03/1893  
John Nutley Widower Burbage Fanny Elizabeth Davis Spinster Burbage 11/07/1893 m
George James Hillier Bachelor Burbage Kate Ford Spinster Burbage 02/07/1893 m
Job George Skittral Bachelor Burbage Eliza Jane Burrough Spinster Burbage 09/07/1893 m
Thomas Burrough Bachelor Buckhurst Hill Mary Ann Fribbance Spinster Burbage 06/08/1893 m
Charles Oliver Ruddle Bachelor Burbage Sophia Fanny Holliday Spinster Burbage 15/10/1893 m
Frederick William Cheeseman Bachelor Cirencester Phoebe Amelia Hilliard Spinster Burbage 29/10/1893 m
Frederick Percy Matthews Bachelor Burbage L???retia Blanche Coburn Spinster Newbury 26/11/1893 c
Frederick Belton Bachelor St. Katherine's Sabina Eliza Eagle Spinster Burbage 22/04/1894 m
Alfred William Nutley Bachelor East Grafton Annie Sophia Wilcox Spinster Burbage 24/06/1894 c
Frank Sainsbury Bachelor Preshute Annie Maria New Spinster Burbage 22/07/1894 m
William Henry Burrough Widower Burbage Gertrude Ellen Maud Kingston Spinster Grafton 26/08/1894 c
William Andrew Miles Bachelor South Wraxall Annie Maria Goddard Spinster Burbage 02/09/1894 m
Francis John Edwards Bachelor East Grafton Henrietta Wheeler Spinster Burbage 07/10/1894 m
Edward Nutley Widower East Grafton Elizabeth Kimber Spinster Burbage 14/10/1894 c
Frederick East Bachelor Burbage Sarah Jane Eardley Spinster Abertillery 28/10/1894 c
Charles Kimber Bachelor Burbage Naomi Fribbence Spinster Great Bedwyn 04/11/1894 c
William Henry Fisher Bachelor St Jame's, Holloway Bessie Fribbance Spinster Burbage 09/12/1894 m
Arthur John Rolls Bachelor St Paul's New Swindon Fanny Louisa Bailey Spinster Burbage 09/12/1894 m
John Thomas Mist Bachelor Burbage Mary Ann Spanswick Spinster Burbage 03/03/1895 m
George Highett Bachelor Burbage Elizabeth Smith Spinster Christ Church, Savernake 31/03/1895 c
Herbert [?] Pearce Bachelor Burbage Henrietta Rosina Cole Spinster Burbage 21/04/1895 m
Thomas Smith Bachelor St. Matrin's, Salisbury Elizabeth Reynolds Highett Spinster Burbage 28/07/1895 m
Robert Towers Bachelor Stoke, Devenport Ursula Strachan Ingram Spinster Burbage 04/08/1895 m
William Henry Goddard Bachelor Burbage Alice Louisa Bushnell Spinster Burbage 11/08/1895 m
Frederick Alford Bachelor Burbage Ellen Burrow Spinster Burbage 08/09/1895  
Frederick Alford Bachelor Burbage Ellen Page Spinster Burbage 22/09/1895 m
Charles Henry Hawkins Bachelor Burbage Sarah Louisa Crook Ashley Spinster Easton Royal 22/12/1895 c
Ernest Edward Hart Bachelor Burbage Harriett Ann Hillier Spinster Burbage 19/01/1896 c & m
Oliver Rawlings Bachelor Burbage Elizabeth Gilbert Spinster Grafton 08/03/1896 c
William Chick Bachelor Burbage Martha Jane Aldridge Spinster St Martin's, Salisbury 15/03/1896 c
Henry White Bachelor Burbage Annie Maria Hart Spinster Burbage 29/03/1896 m
George Farmer Gauntlett Bachelor Burbage Florence Mary [?] Wallis Spinster Stapleford 25/04/1896 c
John Viveash Bachelor Burbage Kate Sabina Fisher Spinster Burbage 10/05/1896 m
Robert Ford Widower Burbage Mary Jane Choules Spinster Grafton 24/05/1896 c
Albert Edward Popejoy Bachelor Burbage Francis Alice Noyes Wareham Spinster Burbage 14/06/1896 m
George Newman Bachelor Burbage Alice Hillier Spinster Burbage 28/06/1896 m
William Giggs Bachelor Burbage Sarah Elizabeth Stone Spinster Burbage 12/07/1896 m
Edward James Mann Bachelor Burbage Louisa Martha Cooper Spinster St mary's Longfleet, Dorset 06/07/1896 c
Louis Hams Bachelor Burbage Elizabeth mary Jones Spinster Minety [?] 15/11/1896 c
Henry John Potter Bachelor Calne Mary Ann Hope Spinster Burbage 15/11/1896 m
William Henry Hillier Bachelor Burbage Alice Beckingham Spinster Burbage 06/12/1896 m
Thomas Henry Lewis [?] Bachelor b Christine Wheeler Spinster Burbage 17/01/1897 m
Charles Fribbins Bachelor Burbage Ellen Eva Hillier Spinster Burbage 21/02/1897 m
Walter Kimber Bachelor Burbage Elizabeth Fisher Spinster Grafton 28/03/1897 m
George Smith Bachelor Woodborough Emily Goddard Spinster Burbage 16/05/1897 m
Albert George Neate Bachelor Savernake Emily Harriet Holmes ? Burbage 16/05/1897 c
Henry Harris Bachelor Burbage Emily Shuttle Spinster Collingbourne Kingstone 25/07/1897 o
William Henry Flippence Bachelor Easton Royal Elizabeth Hillier Spinster Burbage 26/09/1897 c
Charles Kimber Bachelor Burbage Charlotte Jane Hillier Spinster St Peter's, Marlborough 14/11/1897 m
William Henry Page Bachelor Wroughton Alice Skitrall Spinster Burbage 12/10/1897 m
William Crowhurst Taylor Bachelor Burbage Alice Moss Spinster East Grafton 08/05/1898 m
John Henry Burrough Bachelor St Barnabas, Holloway Elizabeth Ann Skittrall Spinster Burbage 10/07/1898 m
William Wiltshire Bachelor St Barnabas, Holloway Rachel Burrough Spinster Burbage 25/09/1898 m
William Burrough Bachelor Burbage Caroline Kingston Spinster Wootton Rivers 02/10/1898 c
James Spanswick Bachelor Staines Sarah Kimber Widow Burbage 04/10/1898 m
John Thomas Hope Bachelor Burbage Emily Jane Green Spinster All Cannings 11/12/1898 c
William Thomas Popejoy Bachelor Burbage Violetta Rebecca Wheeler Spinster Burbage 01/01/1899 m
Ralph Henry Mantague Trenchard Bachelor King William's Town, South Africa Florence Emma Cox Spinster Burbage 22/01/1899 c
Albert Herbert Nailer Bachelor Burbage Alice Heal [?] Spinster Shepherd's Bush, London 26/02/1899 c
Francis Harris Bachelor Burbage Sarah Elizabeth Bartlett Spinster Ludgershall 02/04/1899 m
John Thomas Mainstone Bachelor Burbage Kate Elizabeth Bailey Spinster Burbage 09/04/1899 m
Walter Williams Bachelor St Paul's New Swindon Louisa Vallis Spinster Burbage 16/04/1899 m
James Williams Bachelor Burbage Agnes [?] Lizzie Vallis Spinster Wootton Rivers 23/07/1899 c
Harry Arthur ray Bachelor Pinner Elizabeth Hilliard Spinster Burbage 30/07/1899 m
Ernest Hailstone Bachelor Burbage Louisa Norris Spinster Burbage 30/07/1899 m
Edwin George Matthews Bachelor St Mary's, Staines Anne Britannia Castleman Spinster Burbage 17/09/1899 m
George New Bachelor Burbage Mary Champion Spinster Burbage 17/09/1899 m
Henry Marshall Bachelor Burbage Helen Ann Collins Spinster Fosbury 05/11/1899 c
James Popejoy Bachelor Burbage Annie Barnet Spinster Burbage 12/11/1899 m
John Charles Davis Bachelor Burbage Mary Emily Matthrews Spinster Burbage 14/01/1900  
Henry John Wiltshire Cole Bachelor Burbage Sarah Jane Bailey Spinster Burbage 01/04/1900 m
Richard Start Bachelor St Margaret's, Old Jewry, London Mary Jane Wheeler Spinster Burbage 20/05/1900 m
Henry Robert Davis Bachelor Burbage Jane Popejoy Spinster Andover 20/05/1900  
William Alford Bachelor Burbage Emily Mary Wilcox Widow Burbage 01/07/1900  
Frank Davison Bachelor Newport Monmouthshire Ann Crookashley Spinster Burbage 15/07/1900  
Frederick Thomas Hillier Bachelor Burbage Ellen Violet Matthews Spinster Burbage 11/11/1900 m
Ernest George Cheeseman Bachelor West Grafton Alice Maude Mary Hillier Spinster Burbage 18/11/1900 m
George Alfred Wickham Wheeler Bachelor Burbage Ruth Selina Marchant Spinster St Mary's Marlborough 18/11/1900 m
William Henry Guyatt Bachelor Shalbourne Annie Mary Fall Spinster Burbage 16/12/1900 m
George Mason Fall Bachelor Burbage Sabina Maud Guyatt Spinster Shalbourne 06/01/1901 m
Henry Levi Bullock Bachelor Bromham Elizabeth Harriet Hope Spinster Burbage 06/01/1901 m
Ernest John Wheeler Bachelor Burbage Sarah Elizabeth Burrough Spinster Burbage 13/01/1901 m
Henry Thomas Holt Bachelor Burbage Annie Alice Long Spinster Burbage 27/01/1901 m
Tom Popejoy Bachelor Burbage Henrietta Kate Burrough Spinster Burbage 24/03/1901 m
Alfred William Gautrey Bachelor South Lamberth Clara [?] Susanah Hope Spinster Burbage 09/06/1901 c
Henry george Ayers Bachelor Burbage Jane Coles Spinster Easton Royal 15/09/1901 c
Walter John Jackman Bachelor Burbage Blanche Bertha Pearce Spinster Burbage 29/09/1901 m
William James Oliver Bachelor Burbage Edith Elizabeth Crosby Spinster Burbage 29/09/1901 m
Joseph Tayler Bachelor Calverton, Notts Mary Ann Skittrall Spinster Burbage 06/10/1901  
William Westbury Smith Widower Burbage Mary Jane Skitrall Spinster Burbage 10/11/1901 m
William Joseph Gagg Bachelor St Nicholas Hereford Kate Hope Spinster Burbage 08/12/1901 m
Robert James Brooks Bachelor All Saints Branksome, Bournemouth Ada New Spinster Burbage 01/06/1902 m
Ernest James Scarlett Bachelor Grafton Emma Elizabeth Beckingham Spinster Burbage 24/08/1902 m
James Vallis Bachelor Burbage Louise Smith Spinster Burbage 14/09/1902 m
Frank Bell Bachelor Andover Emily Louisa Popejoy Spinster Burbage 05/10/1902 m
George Plumtree Bachelor St John the Baptist, Waterloo Road, London Henrietta Constance Wheeler Spinster Burbage 23/11/1902 m
Charles Arthur New Bachelor Burbage Elizabeth Burrough Spinster Burbage 30/11/1902  
Charles Nutley Bachelor St Katherine, Savernake Sarah Ann Stone Spinster Burbage 30/11/1902 m
James Wilmott Bachelor Burbage Alice Louisa Viveash Spinster Burbage 25/01/1903 m
Richard de Crespigny Thelwall Bachelor Burbage Anna Hamilton Lang Spinster Dedham, Essex 01/02/1903  
William James Symonds Bachelor Tounstal [?], Dartmouth Sarah Hannah Spanswick Spinster Burbage 05/04/1903  
William James Noyes Bachelor Burbage Mary James Taylor Spinster Burbage 24/05/1903  
John Flippance Bachelor Burbage Emma Skittral ? Burbage 05/07/1903  
Henry William Goodman Bachelor Burbage Lucy Ann Platt Spinster Burbage 16/08/1903  
Francis Joseph Davis Bachelor Burbage Emily Newman Spinster Burbage 05/09/1903  
Thomas Henry Hillier Bachelor Burbage Agnes Jane Cook Spinster Burbage 18/10/1903  
Ernest Victor Evans Bachelor Burbage Helen Hamblett Spinster Westbury 13/12/1903  
William Skinner Bachelor Burbage Triafesina [?] Harris Spinster Burbage 26/06/1904  
Charles Lewis Witts * Bachelor St Katherine, Savernake Edith Alice Bailey ? Burbage 03/07/1904  
Charles John Chandler Bachelor St Katherine, Savernake Louisa Fullbrook ? Burbage 24/07/1904  
[?] Joseph Hope Bachelor Burbage Rose Hayes [?] Spinster Hawley, Hants 02/10/1904  
William Henry Taylor Bachelor Maryhill, Glasgow Ellen Skittral ? Burbage 27/11/1904  
Frederick Albert Hailstone Bachelor Burbage Elizabeth Maria Wild Spinster Burbage 22/01/1905  
Albert George Oatley Bachelor Burbage Caroline Louise Hope Spinster Burbage 02/04/1905  
Oliver Neale Nutley Bachelor Burbage Mary Caroline Franklin Spinster Holy Trinity, Clapham 30/04/1905  
John William Hillier Bachelor Burbage Mary Ann Durnford Matthews ? Burbage 21/05/1905  
Eli Baker Bachelor Colyton, Devon Susanna Johnston Spinster Burbage 04/06/1905  
Arthur Henry Ruddle Bachelor Burbage Esther Sophia Clarke Spinster St James, Upper Edmonton 16/07/1905  
George Percival Blackall Bachelor Greyfriars, Reading Elsie Louisa Kimber Spinster Burbage 16/07/1905  
George Ruddle Widower Burbage Pamela Webber Widow Holy Trinity, Trowbridge 17/09/1905  
Frederick George Manning Bachelor Burbage Alice Ann Hillier Spinster Burbage 01/04/1906  
Walter Wenman[?] Willmott Bachelor Burbage Helen Louise Wheeler Spinster Burbage 20/05/1906  
William Herbert Woodward Bachelor Little Ilford Georgina Mary Eagle Spinster Burbage 27/05/1906  
Elijah Lovelock Bachelor Burbage Mary Ann New Spinster Burbage 15/06/1906  
John Richard Alma Hillier Bachelor Burbage Sarah Ann Eatwell Spinster Burbage 24/06/1906  
George Walter Pyke Bachelor Queen's Town, South Africa Ellen Louisa Davis Spinster Burbage 26/08/1906  
Henry Francis Donaghue Bachelor Burbage Enid [?] Viveash Spinster Burbage 13/01/1907  
Clement Castleman Bachelor Burbage Elsie Popejoy Spinster Burbage 24/02/1907  
Herbert Wilfred Wheeler Bachelor Burbage Emily [?]pearing Spinster Easton Royal 03/03/1907  
Walter Henry Golby Bachelor St Martins, [?] Emily Holmes Spinster Burbage 08/12/1907  
Ernest Maurice[?] Nutley[?] Bachelor Burbage Harrirt Elizabeth Noyes Spinster Burbage 08/12/1907  
* It is possible that the surname is CUTTS

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