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Updated 26th October 2008.


Marlborough St. Mary's Marriages

Great Bedwyn Marriages

Misc Reportings

1841 Census

1851 Census

1861 Census

1871 Census

1881 Census

1891 Census

1901 Census

This page is a list of records we have found of Burbage people (now including any stray from Wiltshire in other counties) "away from home"
If you can add any records please email

Spellings appear as they had been written on actual censuses

Marlborough St Mary's marriages

William MORGAN of Bedwin & Hannah PYE of Burbage 24 Oct 1742
John BLAKE & Elizabeth PIKE of Burbage 26 Dec 1743
John STAGG of Gloucestershire & Mary ___ of Burbage 7 Apr 1744
Philip NEALE & Frances PHILKS of Burbage 6 Apr 1746
John SELLWOOD of Burbage, b, & Jane CROOK, sp, 3 Nov 1784
William HEATH of Burbage & Elizabeth DANGERFIELD 3 Nov 1793
Benjamin KIMBER of Chilton & Frances HAYS of Burbage

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Great Bedwin marriage

William Lewis born in Burbage son of John, resident in Wilton married Mary Edwards daughter of James May 6 1841.

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Misc Reportings

Sophia SKITTERAL -- Daughter of Thomas and Martha (née SANDFORD), bapt Burbage 17 Jul 1793 [Family Search: IGI]. -- Married James FREEGARD in Marlborough (St. Mary), 8 Dec 1830 [Nimrod Index search]. -- They lived in Bradenstoke (a.k.a. Clack) in the parish of Lyneham, where James was a farmer and butcher.-- Died in 1873 aged "77" (registered Cricklade, March quarter 1873). James and Sophia had only one son William, who never married, and so there is no family tree stemming from this couple. James died in 1879 and William in 1907.

Australian Immigration

Australian immigration: Alfred Eli BECKINGHAM of Oare (formerly of Wernham Farm) b.1875 Wernham. Arrived Australia per Orontes May 1911, Jessie Beckingham (nee Hiscock) his wife, b.1877 Oare and their 5 children: William b. 1900, Oare; Alfred Lonnie b. 1904, Oare; Wilfred Kenneth b.1906, Oare; Thelma b. 1908, Oare; Francis Leonard b. 1909, Oare; Arrived Australia per Osterly Jan 1915

Ramsbury marriages Job Skiirall 22 of Burbage, father William, & Maria Day 23 of Ramsbury father Edward, Oct 14 1841

East Grafton marriages William Kempton full age of Burbage, father John & Ann Chouls full age of East Grafton, father William, 3rd Nov 1845

Hungerford Berkshire marriage: John BARLEY and Jane EVANSAT both from Burbage Jul 18 1723

From David Eustace -

My GGGrandad was Walter Hancock an Engineer. He was born in Marlborough Wilts and lived his later life in Stratford West Ham. He was a Dissenter and I`ve noticed many Wiltshire strays were dissenters and gathered in West Ham east London.

From Ann Hook

I have traced my family tree to Daniel Waters who was married to Betty Blake on 20-10-1799 in Burbage. Daniel had the following children:- Charlotte b 1800, William bapt, Little Bedwyn, April 11 1802, James bapt Little Bedwyn 24 Mar 1805, John bapt Little Bedwyn 11 May 1808, Thomas bapt Little Bedwyn Nov 11 1811 and Stephen bapt Little Bedwyn 2 Apr 1815. James Waters, 1805 was my Great, Great, Great Grandfather. James Waters had a son Sergeant Timothy Waters (my Great, Great Grandfather who was born in Great Bedwyn. He fought in the Wilts Militia and was awarded the Conspicuous Gallantry Medal in 1874 for the action at Amoaful in the battle for Kumasi in the Ashanti War. I have not been able to find out what he did to obtain this medal as it is not recorded in the London Gazette.

1921 Census of Newfoundland

(From Sue Bellefeuille)

LastName FirstName Living in1921 Position DateBorn PlaceBorn Religion Occup RelatedtoHEAD Comments
KING John Grand Falls HEAD Jul1871 Burbage, England Church of England Caretaker, Grand Falls House
KING Eliza Grand Falls Wife May 1870 Collingbourne, England Church of England Married to John King, GF
KING Lizzie Grand Falls Daughter Nov 1900 Collingbourne, England Church of England Daughter of John King, GF

John King corresponds to the John King baptized in Burbage 9 Aug.1863, the son of Edward and Mary Ann King. The year was probably incorrect on the Newfoundland 1921 Census - from New Foundland Census 1921

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1841 Census

Lyneham, page 16 [full reference not recorded]
FREEGARD, James, 50, Butcher, Y
FREEGARD, Sophia, 40, , Y
FREEGARD, William, 9, , Y
[and 6 railway labourers]

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1851 Census

1851 Census strays from Glos

BURGESS, Michael Hd/M/43 at Marshfield
JENNER, Henry Lg/U/83 at Berkeley
LAWRENCE, Julia Da/U/16 at Southrop, Bibury
LAWRENCE, Thomas So/U/14 at Southrop, Bibury
SMITH, Sarah Sv/U/27 at Cheltenham
TALLING, Mary -/M/63 at Cheltenham

1851 Census strays from WFHS at Rickmansworth

Henry J WILSON, head, M, 43, Incumbent of West Hyde, b Burbage
and Martha WILSON, wife of the above, 42, b Lockeridge

1851 - Lyneham 4-50 (Clack) [Ref.: HO1834 (Bk 1) fol.76]

FREEGARD, James (Senr), Head, widr, 89, Coller Maker when able , WIL, Wick
FREEGARD, James (Junr), Son, mar, 63, Farmer 20 Acres, WIL, Clack
FREEGARD, Sophia, Wife, mar, 57, , WIL, Burbage
FREEGARD, William, Son, unm, 19, , WIL, Clack
Skitheral, Eliz, SisLaw, unm, 54, Lodger, WIL, Burbage
[* entry says "sister to wife"]

Newbury, Berkshire - provided by Sue Bellefeuille

Jess JACKMAN, Head, Unmarried, 24, Carpenter Joiner, born Burbage, WIltshire

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1861 Census

Lyneham 1-57 (Clack): Cottage [Ref.: RG9/1273 fol.15 p.10]

FREEGARD, James, Head, Mar, 70, Butcher, WIL, Clack

FREEGARD, Sophia, Wife, Mar, 60, , WIL, Burbage

FREEGARD, William, Son, U, 27, , WIL, Lyneham

1861 Census Essex - Wiltshire Strays (contributed by Annemarie Shuttle)

11 Bridge Pl, High Street, Stratford Essex
John GREENAWAY 30 iron founder born Wilt Wroughton
Mary 31 born Wilt Bishopston
Edward son 10 born Wilt Wroughton
Sarah 6 born Wilt Swindon
Elizabeth 4
Thomas 2 born Stratford
Charles 2m
John 8 born Wilt Swindon

6 Bridge Pl, High Street, Stratford
Richard POCOCK 64 vegetable black maker born Wilt Norton
Martha 55 born Wilt Aldbourne

16 Turnpike Row, Stratford
Geo SCOTT 31 carpneter born Wilt Devizes
Emma 31 born Stratford
Geo W 10
John 6
Albert 4
James 2

16 Turnpike Row, Stratford
Richard SCOTT 37 carpenter born Wilt Devizes
Sarah 38 born Wilt Lacock?
John 11
Mary 9 born Stratford
Thomas 6
Sarah 3
Jane 1

3 Essex Place, Stratford
Charles GUNSTONE 32 bricklayer born Wilt Melksham
Mary Ann 34
Mary Ann 9
John Gale 7
John GUNSTONE cousin 21 bricklayer

17 Union Street, Stratford
John POPE 50 bricklayer born Salisbury Wilt
Sarah 47 born Kent Plumstead
Sarah daug 21 born Romford Essex
William 13 born Oxfordshire Banbury
Charles 11 born Middlesex Homerton
F Crop 9 daug born Middlesex New Cross

37 New Street, Stratford
Mary PAYN lodger unmarried 22 born Wilt Devizes

High Street, Stratford
George SMITH married 40 serv baker born Wilt Salisbury

9 Challensea Court, Stratford
John FIGGINS 56 gardener born St. John's, Devizes Wilt
Eliza 49 born East Ham
Ebenezer 19 born West Ham

Ham Lane, Stratford
William MACKLIN 27 coach smith born Wilt Marlboro
Esther 23 born Middlesex Marylebone
Emma 2 born Stratford
William E 1

1 Carnarvan Terr, Stratford
Sarah Ann PIERCE 26 sing serv domestic born Wilt Poulshot

39 Angel Lane, Stratford
John KING 60 dock labourer born Pusey Wilt
Sarah 57 born Cambridgeshire

Mary Land Street, Stratford
John Mills Lodger 20 mar brewers clerk born Wilt Colne

5 Brunswick Terr, Stratford
Joseph Brown 43 grocer born Tunbridge, Wilt
Ann 41 born Wimbledon Surrey
Eliza E 15 born Middx Enfield
James 13
Louisa 11
Mary A 8
William 5

6 Lavender St, Stratford
John BLAKE visitor unmarried 32 railway signalman born Wilt Marlboro

1 Dora Terr, Stratford
Caroline SHEPHERD unmar 22 domestic servant born Wilt Devizes

2 Earlham Cott, Stratford
William OBORN 58 retired builder born Wilt Salisbury
Elizabeth 59 born Dorset Shaftesbury
Amelia 21 born St. Martin In the Fields Westminster Middx

29 Leabon Str, West Ham
George GIBBS 33 general lab born Wilt Wroughton
Mary 34 born Wilt Liddiard
Henry son 14 born Wilt Wroughton
Thomas 9
Alfred 7 born Essex NK
Benjamin HEAD lodger 72 wid formerly lab born Wilt Highworth

Plaistow Grove, West Ham
Edward RAWLINGS 28 ag lab born Marlboro Wilt
Ellen wife 30

Plaistow Grove, West Ham
James MARTIN 31 drill instructor 5th Essex born Wilt Colne
Ann 30 born Wales
Grove Cott, West Ham
George N HALL lodger unmar 22 born Wilt West Lavington

2 King Georges Cott, West Ham
Sarah HOLDEN head unmar Seamstress born Wiltshire
West Ham Lane, West Ham
Rosina SPRINGFORD unmar serv 20 born Wilt Allington

8 Langthorne St, West Ham
William MENDERS 22 metro police constable born Wilt Warminster
Fanny 23
William Silas 8m born West Ham Essex

13 Langthorne St, West Ham
Nathaniel FULKER labourer at sewer born Wilt Swallowfield
Charlotte 24 born Wilt Avebury
George Jas 3 born Wilt Marlborough
Elizabeth 1 born Berkshire Reading

2 Stephenson St, West Ham
Henry DOUGHTY 52 engineer born Wilt Salisbury
Mary 52 born Kent Deptford
Eliza 11 daughter born Kent Greenwich

4 Whites Cott, West Ham
William BENSON 43 carpenter born Wilt Ramsbury
Mary 44 born Berk Boscot

7 Ship Street, West Ham
James GREENLAND 40 ships labourer born Wilt Devizes
Mary 39 born Wilt Chippenham
Henry HAYWOOD stepson 9

12 Ship Street, West Ham
Henry HAISENT 33 ships labourer born Wilt Chippenham
Mary 29 born Suffolk Baddingham
Henry 5 born Canning Town Essex
William 2
Herbert 5m
Louisa MOSS 12 servant born Wilt Wicker

Romford Rd, 1 Epping Villas, West Ham
Eliza BROWN unmar 30 serv born Wilt Trowbridge

Romford Road, 8 Upton Place, West Ham
Rebekah RANSOME unmar 21 nurse serv born Wilt Warminster

Romford Road, Ebar Cottage 5, West Ham
John DEVENISH 39 ag lab born Wilt Willow
Mary 41 born Middlesex, City Road

11 Chatsworth Road, West Ham
Elijah LITTLE lodger 24 unmar stonemason born Wilt Box

3 Chatsworth Avenue
William OFFER 43 coach maker born Wilt Salisbury
Teresa 48 born Berk Reading
Thomas 15 born Surrey Newborn
Charles 11 born Stratford Essex
Elizabeth mother 75 widow born Wilt Salisbury

6 Globe Terrace, West Ham
William WINGAR 54 (ind minister Forest Gate) born Wilt Salisbury
Sarah 64 chapel Stratford Essex born Essex Maldon
Edgar 16 born Beds Roxton
Gertrude niece 11 born Essex Halstead

1 Elizabeth Cott, West Ham
Sarah PRIESTLEY serv widow 41 born Wilt Chippenham

6 Eagle St, West Ham
Henry DUTCH 40 letter porter (GPO) born Wilt Salisbury
Rachel 45
William 13 born Middx London
George 7
Henry 2

West End, East Ham
Joseph HOLLICK 57 ag lab born Wilt Lidsington
Mary 57 born Wilt Wroughton
John 24 born East Ham Essex
George 19
Henry 18
Charlotte 12
Louisa BUTLER granddaughter 8

4 Dennison Cottages, Church Rd, East Ham
George BERRY 39 ag lab born Wiltshire
Sarah 35 born East Ham
Emma 15
Anne 12
Maria 9
Thomas 6
George 4
Alfred 1

Rancliffe House, East Ham
Anna PARSON 18 unmar serv born Wilt Donhead St. Mary's

East Ham Vicarage, East Ham
Eliza Ann WEBB 17 unmar serv born Wilt Sawbridge Hill
Sarah Jane SMITH 22 unmar serv born Wilt Limpley Stoke

9 Story Street, East Ham
Arthur SMITH unmar boarder 25 India rubber hose maker born Wilt Bradford

9 Claremont St, Plaistow
John J CLARE 41 house ? architect born Wilt Downton
Mary A 49 born Knaresborough Yorkshire

7 Winchester Road Plaistow
Alfred TAYLOR 37 tin plate work born Wilt Ashton Raines
Eliza 36 born Maldon Essex
Alfred 11 born Stepney
Eliza 9 born Limehouse
Arthur 6 born Stepney
Edwin 4

26 Winchester Rd, Plaistow
Gibson BUSH 32 india rubber worker born Wilt Bradford
Mary 32
George 10
Dorothy 10
Charles 7 born Surrey Mitcham
Emma 5
Harry 3 born Silvertown Essex
Rhoda 1
Alfred 1m

29 Winchester Rd, Plaistow
William DAVIS 19 unmar Lodger labourer India rubber works born Wilt Bradford

Romford Rd, Greenhill villa 3 Little Ilford
James HARRIS 34 stonemason employing 2 men born Wilt Wilton
Sarah 35 born Wilt Worton
Mary A 8 born Essex Warley
Caroline J R 5 born Essex Great Ilford
Sidney J 3
Stephen HARRIS unmar brother 37 baker born Wilt Wilton
Green Hill Grove 5 Little Ilford
Edwin TAYLOR boarder unmar 21 railway worker born Wilt East Knoyle

All Souls, Isleworth, Middlesex - provided by Sue Bellefeuille

Church Street
Jessie JACKMAN, Head, 35, Jobbing Baye[?] Builder, Burbage, Wiltshire
Mary JACKMAN, Wife, 33, Kingsclere, Hampshire

Doulting, Somerset - provided by Anthony Brown

George Baker, Head, aged 56, Gamekeeper, living at Brottons?, Doulting Somerset born Wilton, Wilts
Jane Baker , wife aged 52, wife, born Shalbourne
Mary Baker, daughter,unmarried, aged 26 , Dressmaker, born Great Bedwyn
Charles Baker , son, unmarried,aged 24, gamekeeper, born Great Bedwyn
Sarah Baker, daughter, aged 19, unmarried, Dressmaker, born Great Bedwyn
Jane Baker , daughter,aged 12 , born West Lydford , Somerset
Prudence Baker, daughter aged 9, born West Lydford , Somerset
George Baker, son , aged 6, born West Lydford , Somerset
Henry Baker, son, aged 3 born Elberton Glos

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1871 Census

Lyneham 2D-86: Bradenstoke [Ref.: RG10/1884 fol.19 p.15]

FREEGARD, James, Head, M, M, 84, Retired Farmer, WIL, Bradenstoke

FREEGARD, Sophia, Wife, M, F, 71, , WIL, Burbage

FREEGARD, William, Son, U, M, 30, Butcher, WIL, Bradenstoke

Upper Green, Inkpen Berkshire

FISHER William Head 62, born Burbage

FISHER Priscilla wife 62 born Burbage

1871 -Reference: RG10/1877 folio 8 page 10 Place:Sheep Street, Highworth

PEARCE,Arthur, Rel: Lodger (with Sarah A Hill, innkeeper), unmarried,45, Horse Dealer, WIL, Burbage

Here's another stray from the 1871 census, a family living in Studley (Calne) with a daughter born in Burbage. From this I assume they were living in Burbage in about 1862 or 3.

BROWN, John, Head, M, M, 45, Basket Maker, Bill[?] Bridge[?]*
BROWN, Mary, Wife, M, F, 45, Basket Maker, WIL Calne
BROWN, Richard, Son, U, M, 13, Basket Maker, BRK Kintbury
BROWN, Blanche, Daur, , F, 8, Scholar, WIL Burbage

Reference : RG10/1902 folio 73 page 10
Place : Studley (Calne)
Address : [blank]
Schedule : 61
Registration District / Subdistrict : 245 Calne / 1B Calne
Enumeration District : 12

*This could just possibly be read as "Wilts Rudge" (Rudge is in Froxfield), but the first word looks more like "Bill" or "Bell" than "Wilts" compared with the handwriting on other entries, and the second appears to contain an "i" unless the dot is just a mark on the paper. This enumerator's capital B and R sometimes look identical and sometimes different, but his W usually looks like W.

1871 census

FELL, William, Head, M, M, 39, Agricultural Labourer, WIL Compton Bassett
FELL, Rosa, Wife, M, F, 29, [Agricultural Labourer's] Wife, WIL Burbage
FELL, Elizabeth, Daur, , F, 10, [Agricultural Labourer's] Daughter, WIL Compton Bassett
FELL, Hannah, Daur, , F, 4, , WIL Compton Bassett

Census reference: RG10/1903 folio 37 page 12
Enumeration District: 17
Schedule number: 55
Place: Compton Bassett (Wilts.)
Address: [blank]

CON="Condition as to Marriage" (the wording on the census form) - i.e. marital status.

Information provided by Tony Woodward

1871 census

HUGHES, Eliza, Head, W, F, 52, , WIL Melksham
JERROME, Louisa, Daur, M, F, 26, Dressmaker, WIL Wilton
HUGHES, Edwin, Son, U, M, 23, Hammerman, WIL Wilton
HUGHES, William H, Son, U, M, 21, Machineman, WIL Burbage
JERROME, Emily Kate, Daur, U, F, 5, Scholar, WIL Wroughton

Place: Wroughton (Wilts.)
Address: High Street
Census reference: RG10/1881 folio 22 page 40
Registration District / Subdistrict: 241 Highworth 2B Swindon
Census Enumeration District: 10
Schedule number: 151

Information provided by Tony Woodward

1871 Wiltshire Strays in Essex

GRENAWAY Walter 37 Mar Carman born Marlborough Wilt, living Brentwood, Essex

DYKE Edward boarder 17 sailor born Swinden Wiltshire living Brentwood, Essex

DEVERILL George marr 40 gardener born Wilt Wetherampton, living South Weald Essex

BAILEY James marr 20 steam sawyer born Wilt Alton living South Weald Essex

DEVERILL Thomas marr 34 gardener born Wilt Salisbury living Brentwood

WALES Thomas marr 72 inkeeper born Wilt Lurgeshall living in Brentwood Essex

AWDRY George C lodger unmarr 23 mason (monumental) born Wilt Marlborough in Great Warley Essex

FORD Samuel F marr 48 nuseryman and gardener born Wilt Devises living South Weald Essex

FORD Mary 52 marr born Wilt Devises living South Weald, Essex

BULL Geo marr 34 soldier born Wilt Melksham living South Weald, Essex

BULL Charles 24 unmarr Gardener born Steeple Ashton Wilt living South Weald Essex

PEAVEY Francis marr 42 lab born Wilt Hovinganson? Living Shenfield Essex

PEAVEY Elizabeth 43 marr born Wilt Bodenham? Living Shenfield

COLE George 31 marr schoolmaster born Wilt Kidderminster living Shenfield, Essex

COLE Eleanor 30 marr born Wilt Kidderminster living Shenfield, Essex

BADEN Fannie unmarr 16 scholar born Chisseldon Wilt living Ingrave Essex

BADEN Alice unmarr 12 scholar born chisseldon wilt living Ingrave Essex

LIGHT William unmarr 21 ag lab born Wiltshire living Ingrave Essex

SMITH Cornelius marr 47 national schoolmaster born Wilt Westford Magna living Billericay Essex

BULL George unmarr lodger 34 gardner born Wilt Werthing living Downham Essex

PRICE Jane E unmar 24 schoolmistress born Wilt Warminster living Wickford Essex

WEARE Henry Marr 54 groom and domestic servant born Wilt Shrewton living Woodham Ferrier, Essex

KEMBLE William marr 66 rector born Wilt Swindon living West Hanningfield Essex

KEMBLE William 34 mar Bengal civil service born Wilt Swindon living West Hanningfield Essex

CLARKE Susannah unmarr 33 cook domestic born Wilts Lydiard the Gorse? Living West Hanningfield Essex

MULCOCK Thomas mar 66 farmer of 150 acres born Wilt Dansey living West Hanningfield Essex

TEMPLEMAN Francis J unmar teacher born Wilt New Swindon living West Hanningfield Essex

WOOLBRIDGE Catherine M unmar 22 milliner and dressmaker born Wilt Marlborough living Chelmsford Essex

MAY Jane unmar 22 dressmaker born Wilt ?wyn (not Bedwyn) living Chelmsford Essex

PIKE Mary Ann 26 unmarr fund holder born Wilt Collingbourne Dale living Chelmsford Essex

COX Sarah Annie unmarr 33 milliner born Wilt Salisbury living Chelmsford Essex

DENNIS Mary A mar 43 born Great Bedwyn Wilt living Moulsham Essex

WOOLDRIDGE Emma unmar 17 born Great Bedwyn Wilt living Moulsham Essex

WEBB Eliza 70 wid assistant born Salisbury Wilt living Moulsham Essex

WEBB Louisa 49 unmarr schoolmistress born Salisbury Wilt living Moulsham Essex

CHAMBERS Priscilla 30 unmar cook (domestic) born Salisbury Wiltshire living Moulsham Essex

CHAMBERS Mary 19 unmar School teacher born Salisbury Wilt living Moulsham Essex

WHITE George 43 mar dairyman born Wilt Damerham living Moulsham Essex

WHITE Henry 12 unmar scholar born Wilt Damerham living Moulsham Essex

BAILEY Enoch mar 47 schoolmaster born Wilt Westbury living Moulsham Essex

BAILEY Elizabeth 46 mar born Wilt Westbury living Moulsham Essex

MILLS Emma wid 59 assistant born Wilt Dancey living Moulsham Essex

HOY Maryan marr 38 laundress born Wilt Westbury living Moulsham Essex

HOY William 11 scholar born Wilt Westbury living Moulsham Essex

SHEYOLD Sarah A unmarr 28 nurse born Wiltshire living Writtle Essex

WILTSHIRE George 27 marr farm labourer born Wilt Venham Denn living  Roxwell Essex

ARCHER Mary Ann marr 36 domestic servant born Wilt Chiseldon living Boreham Essex

KING Sarah 49 unmarr domestic work born Wilt Salisbury living Boreham Convent school Essex

WILKINSON William H 13 pupil born wilt Libb?marsh living Springfield Essex

WEAVINGS Charles 60 mar clerk of works born Wilt Salisbury living Springfield Essex

WEAVINGS Sarah 61 born Wilt Wilton living Springfield Essex

CODE Mary Ann mar 55 housekeeper born Wilt Alford living Great Baddow Essex

PENNACK Emily mar 23 born Wilt Collingbourne living Great Baddow Essex

LIDDIARD James mar 46 grocer & draper & hop merchant born Albourne Wilt living Great Baddow Essex

BUTCHER Hannah 21 unmar cook born Wilt Collingbourne living Great Baddow Essex

MUSTOCK Sarah wid 62 assistant born Wilt Meer living Great Baddow Essex

SPURGEON Elizabeth Jane unmar 27 born Wilt Salisbury living Great Baddow Essex

NICKOLS Emma wid 41 draper employing one man born Wilt Westbury living Rayleigh  Essex

KING James 15 unmar servant born Wiltshire living South Benfleet Essex

KING William 45 mar domestic servant born Wilt Devises living South Benfleet Essex

KING Ann 43 mar laundress born Wilt Chippenham living South Benfleet Essex

ALLEN Ann 58 mar born Wilt Langford living South Benfleet Essex

CANNY/CARRY 47 mar ag lab born Wilt Roughton crossed out Rotherstone in place living Thundersley Essex

THORINGTON Mary A 74 mar born Wilt Berwick Benet living Thundersley Essex

STONE George mar 58 gamekeeper born Wiltshire living Hockley Essex

SPENCER John mar 55 vicar born Wilt Bradford On Avon living Eastwood Essex

WAITE John mar 41 ag lab born Wilt Wilcot living Eastwood Essex

WAITE Jane 45 mar born Wilt Stanton living Eastwood Essex

RAVEN Mary Anne mar 44 lodging housekeeper born Wilt Shrewton living Southend Essex

BARKER Martha 51 mar born Wilt Salisbury living Southend Essex

RICHARDSON Jane 60 wid silversmiths widow born Wilt Chippenham living Southend Essex

LUKER Catherine mar 46 born Wilt Highworth living Prittlewell Essex

HAZELL Jane unmar 29 domestic servant gen born Wilt Swindon living Prittlewell Essex

GRIFFIN William 42 mar grocer born Wilt Aldbourn living Prittlewell Essex

ARNOLD Sarah mar 38 born Wilt Eastknoyle? Living Prittlewell Essex

WIDCOMB Thomas 44 mar carpenter born Wilt Chippenham living Prittlewell Essex

Le'FAGE Jane mar 24 born Wilt Dinton living Prittlewell Essex

CRESWELL George E mar 42 master mariner born Wilt Shrewton living Prittlewell Essex

BALLS Annie M mar 37 born Westbury Wilt living Prittlewell Essex

ASHE Loval 56 mar annustant born Westbury Wilt living Prittlewell Essex

HARRISON James mar 29 dairyman & Grocer born Wilt East Kroyer living Prittlewell Essex

HARRISON William J 6 born Wilt Tisbury living Prittlewell Essex

COLMAN Marian mar 32 born Wilt Salisbury living Prittlewell Essex

NOYES Elizabeth S unmar 19 domestic born Wilt Burbage living Prittlewell Essex

WIGRAM Elizabeth P 37 mar born Wilt Warminster living Prittlewell Essex

LITTLE Caroline 29 unmar Cook born Wilt Clack living Prittlewell Essex

TRIGG Emma mar 37 laundress born Wilt Dellinsmarsh living Prittlewell Essex

TRIGG John E 13 born Wilt Dellingdmarsh living Prittlewell Essex

HALL Louisa 20 unmar teacher born Wilt Cadford Living Prittlewell Essex

KIRBY Ann 38 mar born Wilt Purton living Prittlewell Essex

HAWTREE Mary 41 mar born Wilt Westbury living Rochford Essex

NORTH William 47 mar Chelsea pensioner and sargeant born Wilt Highworth living Rochford Essex

GIBBS Mary 64 mar born Wilt Frome living Rochford Essex

DEN Elizabeth 34 unmar lady's maid born Wilt Dilton Marsh living Hawkwell Essex

RICKETTS William 39 publican born Wilt Swindon living Great Stambridge Essex

PARSONS D mar 36 carpenter born Wilt Chippenham living Great Stambridge Essex

PERRY Lydia mar 25 soldiers wife born Wilt Westbury living South Shoebury Essex

DAVIS Henrietta unmar 15 visiter born Wilt Wooton Rivers visting Shoeburyness Essex

VOISEY Elizabeth Sarah mar 32 soldiers wife born Wilt Burbage living Shoeburyness Essex

LEDSHAM Diana 24 soldiers wife born Wilt Chute living Shoeburyness Essex

SHEPPARD Jacob 36 unmar gunner born Wilt Salisbury living Shoeburyness Essex

BIGGS Alfred Thos 24 unmar bomber born Wilt Devises living Shoeburyness Essex

PONTON Edward 40 mar corporal born Wilt Warminster? Living Shoeburyness Essex

TRUE Frederick unmar 22 gunner born Tisbury Wilt living Shoeburyness Essex

BOYCE Anne 34 mar soldiers wife born Wilt Melksham living Shoeburyness Essex

GULLIVER Thomas 28 unmarried miltary recruit born Wilt Westbury onboard ship at Shoeburyness

DASH William56 mar wheelwright born Wilt Clack living Steeple Essex

DASH Sarah 23 unmar lady's maid born Wiltshire Melksham living Steeple Essex

DASH Henry 19 unmar wheelwright born Wilt Melksham livng Steeple Essex

DASH Matilda unmar 16 born Wilt Melksham living Steeple Essex

DASH Frederick 25 mar wheelwright born Melksham Wilt living Steeple Essex

GLASS Elizabeth 16 unmar dressmaker born Wilt Guttleton living Southminster Essex

DASH John 29 mar wheelwright born Wilt Melksham living Southminster Essex

CAMPING Ann 44 mar born Wilt Winterslow living Southminster Essex

CHILLINGWORTH Andrew 54 mar farmer born Wilt Southhampton Highworth living Bradwell-onSea Essex

NORTH Edward 25 mar national schoolmaster born Wilt chute living Tillingham Essex

SATWELL Richard 81 carpenters man born Wilt Ramsbury living Walthamstow Essex

HOWEL Hannah 29 unmar serv domestic born Wilt Fettleton living Walthamstow Essex

GREEN John 24 unmar coachman born Wilt Swallowcliffe living Walthamstow Essex

NIBLETT Emma mar 42 born Wilt Bradford living Walthamstow Essex

BRIDLE John 34 mar lab born Wilt Devises living Walthamstow Essex

BRIDLE Sarah 31 born Wilt Pottersea living Walthamstow Essex

SIMS Mary A 60 mar keeper of bail gate born Wilt Devises living Walthamstow Essex

NEWBURG Edward 31 mar Bankers clerk born Wilt Salisbury living Walthamstow Essex

NEWBURG Louisa 29 mar born Tisbury Wilt living Walthamstow Essex

TINWORTH Sarah 42 mar born Wilt Salisbury living Walthamstow Essex

BRIDLE Thomas 65 mar labourer born Wiltshire living Walthamstow Essex

BRIDLE Jane 50 mar born Wiltshire living Walthamstow Essex

KING Elizabeth 79 wid born Devises Wilt living Walthamstow Essex

SHEAVER Eliza 61 wid born Trowbridge Wilt living Walthamstow Essex

ELDERTON Ephrian G P 38 mar warehouseman born Wilt Laverstock living Walthamstow Essex

HALL Edwin 23 mar Gardener born Wilt Long Newton living Walthamstow Essex

EDGWORTH John 35 mar labourer born Wilt Highworth living Walthamstow Essex

BARRETT Mary 72 mar born Wilt Highworth living Walthamstow Essex

SMITH James 32 unmar Lab born Wilt Bath living Walthamstow Essex

HOWELL Uriah 45 mar farm labourer born Wilt Littleton living Walthamstow Essex

HOWELL Phoebe 45 mar born Wilt Ludgerthall living Walthamstow Essex

FURSMAN Frank 6 born Wilt Chippenham living Walthamstow Essex

WILLIAMS William 25 mar domestic ? born Wilt Swindon living Walthamstow Essex

DANIELS Henry 31 mar carpenter born Wilt Purton living Walthamstow Essex

COLLOTT William 18 unmar groom born Wiltshire living Woodford Essex

FOWLES Henry 47 mar timber merchant born Wiltshire living Woodford Essex

FOWLES Elizabeth B 21 unmar born Wiltshire living Woodford Essex

DUGELL Annie 21 unmar born Wiltshire living Woodford Essex

WELFORD Jonathan 55 unmar clerk born Wilt Marlbro living Woodford Essex

WELFORD Amelia 57 unmar born Wilt Marlbro living Woodford Essex

EDELL Mary 32 unmar general servant born Wilt Marlbro living Woodford Essex

BERGES Mary 45 mar born Wilt Bradford living Woodford Essex

WAIRER George 47 mar Coachman born Wilt Coombe Bassett living Woodford Essex

WAIRER Sophia 45 mar born Wilt Berwicks living Woodford Essex

PERRY Ann 39 mar born Wilt Lowcaste living Woodford Essex

BROWN Sarah 21 mar born Wilt Legevets living Woodford Essex

ANIGESS William C 47 mar farm baliff born Wilt Carsham living Woodford Essex

ANIGESS Mary A 48 mar born Wiltshire Carsham living Woodford Essex

ANIGESS Thomas 16 gardener born Wilt Carsham living Woodford Essex

ANIGESS Annie M 11 born Wilt Carsham living Woodford Essex

ANIGESS George 9 born Wilt Garloliam living Woodford Essex

CROFTS William 20 unmar labourer born Wilt Salisbury living Woodford Essex

SHEPHER Ann 67 wid born Wilt Salisbury living Woodford Essex

ASHTON John W 34 mar missionary born Wilt Warminster visiting Woodford Essex

SMITH Richard 62 mar tailor born Wilt Marlborough living Woodford Essex

SMITH Susan 51 mar born Wilt Marlborough living Woodford Essex

SMITH Ann 14 born Wilt Marlborough living Woodford Essex

WATERS Leah E 16 unmar general serv born Wilt Dinton living Woodford Essex

BROOKHURST Hannah 44 mar born Wilt Tollard Royal living Woodford Essex

TALMIDGE Charles 58 mar ganger? Born Wilt Westbury living Woodford Essex

HARVEY Elizabeth 44 wid charwoman born Wiltshire living Woodford Essex

PEARCE Eliza 30 unmar cook born Wilt Bradford living Woodford Essex

OAKLEY Martha 49 mar born Wilt Wroughton living Woodford Essex

HAWKINS Sarah 36 unmar no occupation born Wilt Wroughton visiting Woodford Essex

LANE Joseph 33 mar gardener born Wilt Goweldon living Woodford Essex

LANE Maria 37 mar born Wilt Bishopstone living Woodford Essex

WICKHAM John Wm 26 unmar grocers ass born Wilt Hine living Woodford Essex

HAMBLIN William 71 mar lab born Wilt Widgely living Woodford Essex

STRONG? Henry 26 mar agent born Wilt Pewsey living Woodford Essex

HERAUD? Mary Susanna 38 mar born Wilt Blackland Calne living Woodford Essex

WATSON George 47 mar lab born Wilt Calne living Woodford Essex

NASH Rosina 27 unmar serv born Wilt Devises living Woodford Essex

WATKINS Jane 65 mar born Wilt Marlboro living Woodford Bridge Essex

CROOMBE John 75 mar baker born Wilt Chippenham living Woodford Bridge Essex

SHUTTLE Thomas 39 mar labourer born Wiltshire living Woodford Bridge Essex

Providence Place, Buck Road, Forest Gate:
ROSE Alfred 27 mar dock labourer born Herts
ROSE Elizabeth 6 born Wilts Burbage
CASSEL Rose H 7 niece

Infornmation supplied by Annemarrie Shuttle

Doulting, Somerset - provided by Anthony Brown

George Baker aged 66, Gamekeeper,living at Brotbord?, Brambleditch Lane , Doulting Somerset
Jane Baker aged 60, Wife, born Shalbourne
Mary North, Daughter aged 36, widow, Laundress , born Great Bedwyn Wilts
Charles Baker, son aged 35, unmarried, Gamekeeper, born Great Bedwyn Wilts
Henry Baker,son aged 13 born Elberton Glos

Shepton Mallett, Somerset - provided by Anthony Brown

Prudence Baker, unmarried,Drapers Assistant, aged 19,living 35 Town St, Shepton Mallet, born Great Bedwyn , Wilts

Redgrave Suffolk - provided by Anthony Brown

Hannah Baker, aged 27 unmarried, servant , Living Redgrave Suffolk, born Great Bedwyn

Faringdon, City of London - provided by Anthony Brown

Sarah Sparks aged 29, wife of (of William Browne Sparks City of London Policeman), born Great Bedwyn

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1881 Census

1881 census 36 Clarkson Street West Ham, Essex.

Amelia ATKINSON wife aged 19 Devizes Wiltshire

Amelia HUTCHINS mother W 57 Devizes Wiltshire

Sarah INWARD 35 wife Devizes Wiltshire.

1881 census 3 Honor Oak Terrace, Camberwell, Surry

PRO Reference RG11 Piece / Folio 0679 / 53 Page Number 6

Richard WEBBER Head M Male 30 Chumleigh, Devon, England Traveller In Lace
Fancy Eliza WEBBER Wife M Female 29 Hoxton, Middlesex, England
Anne C. WEBBER Daur Female 2 m Camberwell, Surrey, England
Emily DAVIS Servant U Female 17 East Sands, Wiltshire, England Domestic Servant

Above information provided by Michael Newark

1881 census - Misc

JACKMAN William 58 marr Carpenter born Burbage living in Kintbury Berkshire

JACKMAN Elisha 52 marr grocer (master) born Burbage living in Marlborough St. Mary the Virgin, Wiltshire

JACKMAN Edwin 40 marr carpenter born Burbage living Battersea Surrey

JACKMAN Charles 36 marr Barge builder born Burbage living Ealing Middlesex

Above info provided by Susan Bellefeuille

Shepton Mallett, Somerset - provided by Anthony Brown

Jane Baker, aged 68, Widow, living at Sunnyside Cottage, Kilver street , Charlton ?, Shepton Mallett, Somerset, born Shalbourne
Mary North aged 46, Daughter, Widow , Domestic servant , born Great Bedwyn
Charles Baker, son aged 45, unmarried, Gamekeeper, born Shalbourne

Clerkenwell, City of London - provided by Anthony Brown

Sarah Sparks aged 39, wife (of William Browne Sparks City of London Policeman), born Great Bedwyn

Doulting, Somerset - provided by Anthony Brown

Hannah Sparks aged 37,wife (of Isaac Sparks Chelsea Pensioner) born Great Bedwyn Wilts,

Marlborough, Malt Shop, Butlers Court - provided by Brian Baker

William HILLIER aged 18, lodger, formerly a son of an Agricultural labourer

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1891 Census

1891 Census Wiltshire Strays in Essex

King's Head Loughton, Essex

William MACKLIN married Head 56 Publican born Marlboro (Marlborough), Wiltshire

British Queen (public house) Buckhurst Hill Essex

Mary DOWN serv single 27 general servant born Wilt Tisbury

Queens Road, Buckhurst Hill, Essex

Thomas BORROUGH boarder single 26 general lab born Wiltshire Burbage

Princes Road, Avon Villas, Buckhurst Hill Essex

William G FAY head mar 35 warehouseman born Wilt Wrexhall

2 Brown Villa, Buckhurst Hill, Essex

Thomas H KERRIDGE head mar 47 bricklayer born Wilt Allington

Buckhurst Building? , Essex

Joseph Simmonson? BUTLER head marr 51 gardener born Ramsbury Wilt

Firtree Cottages, Buckhurst Hill, Essex

Charles GLASS head 34 coachman's groom born Wiltshire Pottoc??

1 Beech Villas Buckhurst Hill, Essex

Charles WATSON 21 lodger single groom born Trowbridge Wiltshire

Goldings Hill, Lougton, Essex

John W PAULSEN head marr 56 farmer born Wiltshire Box

Goldings Hill, Lougton, Essex

Eliza CHURCHILL wife 34 born Wiltshire Aldbourne

Borders Lane Loughton, Essex

Sarah PRIOR wife 24 born Wilt Stratton St. Margaret

Chigwell Lane, Loughton, Essex

Ellen BROWN wife 24 born Tullbridge Wiltshire

Debden Green Loughton, Essex

George CANNINGS single 24 gardener domestic born Salisbury Wiltshire

Baldwyns Hill Loughton, Essex

Rebecca GROUT wife 40 born Ramsbury Wiltshire

Baldwyns Hill Loughton, Essex

Thomas JAGAR head 52 general lab born Wiltshire Dorhead

2 Loughton Cottages, Loughton, Essex

William W STICKLER head marr 38 florist born Wilts Shaister Magna

The Law?eds Loughton, Essex

Kate PETTY 21 single serv born Stockton Wiltshire

Connaught Armore Loughton, Essex

Louise RESTRICK wife 30 born Wiltshire Knights Langley

Manor Road, Holmshurst Loughton, Essex

working for the Edwards family

Mary A GALE serv palormaid born Wilt Steeple Ashton

Upper Park Loughton, Essex

working for the Bruce family

Martha CRAMS single serv 35 nurse domestic born Wiltshire Gt Bedwin

Forest Road Loughton, Essex

Cyrus WILLIS head marr 34 coalportens? preacher born Wiltshire North Bradley

Highfield, London Road, Epping, Essex

Emma WALKER head Wid 70 living on owns means born Wiltshire Westbury Leigh

Clarks Cott, High Street, Epping, Essex

James WHITING mar head 37 plumber born Marlborough Wiltshire

Walter HOLMES 15 nephew porter chemists born Marlborough, Wiltshire

St. John's Road, Gladstone Terr, Epping, Essex

James UNCLE lodger mar 61 born Wiltshire Chippenham

Coram Terr, Epping, Essex

Mary Ann SMITH head wid 78 nurse born Wiltshire Damaham

High Street, Epping, Essex

Boarding with the Rosaland family

John WAIT single 21 chemist assistant born Wiltshire Westbury

High Street, Epping, Essex

John GARRATT head marr 61 licensed victualler born Wiltshire Little Osmason

Elizabeth wife ? born Hanton? ? Brighton?

Lindsay Street Epping, Essex

Visitor at the Brown family house

Henry A BARONS 30 farmer born Wiltshire Tisbury

George Street, Epping, Essex

Servant for Louis PHILIPS

James RICHAW marr 60 serv farm steward born Wiltshire Aldbury

Mount Road, Theydon Garnon, Epping, Essex

Charles SMITH head mar 45 police constable born Wiltshire Damesham?

Ivy Chimnea Road, Theydon Garnon, Epping, Essex

Frank HAYTER head mar 27 gardener domestic born Wiltshire Hinoton?

Hemnall Street, Theydon Garnon, Epping, Essex

Edward SMITH head mar 52 coachman domestic servant groom born Wiltshire Burbage

St. Albans Vicarage, Theydon Garnon, Epping, Essex

Jane M S FOIT head wid 66 living on own means born Wiltshire Ramsbury

Mary A KEMPTON serv single 20 kitchen maid born Wiltshire Burbage

Coopersale Street, Theydon Garnon, Epping, Essex

Georgina BURDEN wife 28 born Wiltshire Castle Coarke

High Road, North Weald Bassett, Essex

Living with the James family

William LIVERSUCH wid lodger 72 woolstapler born Salisbury Wiltshire

High Road, North Weald Bassett, Essex

George ALEXANDER head mar 44 railway labourer plate born Wiltshire Imber

Rhoda GIBBS neice single 11 born Wiltshire Warminster

Woodside, North Weald Bassett, Essex

Robert EDMONDS head wid 62 foreman gardener born Wiltshire

Back Lane, Nazeing, Essex

George HILL nephew mar 45 journalist born Wiltshire Downham

New Road, Harlow, Essex

Richard TALORS head 48 coach builder born Wilt Salisbury

Mulberry Green, Harlow, Green Man Inn, Essex

Emily BAMBRIDGE head wid 34 inn keeper and farmer born Wilt Bratton

Sheeney Road, Harlow, Essex

Benjamin C SMITH head 28 baker born Wilt Hullivington?

Moor Hall Lodge, Matching Road, Harlow, Essex

William FOWLER 68 head JP for Essex born Wilt Melksham

Newmansroad?, Matching, Essex

Lodging with the Wood family

George BANDALL single 26 wheal wright and carpenter born Wilt Cowley

The Rectory, Nettleswell, Essex

Mary STOW serv single 27 nurse born Wilt Stratford Torny

Prickles farm, Great Parndon, Essex

Louisa A YOUNG single serv 18 general servant domestic born Wilt Whaddon

Roydon Lodge, Roydon, Essex

Matilda MOORE single 35 parlour servant born Wilt Laycock

Farm house, Roydon,Essex

Fanny E ABBEY wife 42 born Wilt Chisledon

Mary COX ? in law 48 single born Wilt Chisledon

High Street, Roydon, Essex

William C MIRREN? Head 67 wid retired baliff born Wilt Corsham

Elizabeth daug single 38 born Wilt Corsham__

12 Eastwood Road Westham Essex.

Amelia ATKINSON 29 Devizes Wiltshire

1891 Strays in Wales

11 Smith St, Gelli, Ystradyfodwg, Rhondda

Thomas MOORE head, age 53 born Warminster,Wlitshire

Elizabeth wife, age 49 born Paulton,Somerset

Frank MOORE brother, age 63 born Warminster, Wiltshire

Thomas J son,age 24 born Ystradyfodwg

Charlotte A Moore dau, age 17

Florence M " dau, age 9

Rose E Coleman(married) dau, age 19

Harold Coleman son-in-law, age 21 born Mitcheldean,Gloucs

City of London - provided by Anthony Brown

Sarah Sparkes, aged 49 wife (of William Browne Sparkes , City of London Policeman) Living at 11 Furnival Street, born Great Bedwyn

Aberkenfig, Glamorgan (5 Brook Road) - provided by Brian Baker

William HILLIER, Head, 28, married, coal miner

Emily HILLER, wife, 28

Ellen HILLIER, daughter, 4

Alfred H HILLIER, son, 1

all born Burbage

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1901 census strays

1901 Strays - London

COX James head 29 Labourer born Burbye (Burbage) COX Martha wife 26 born Mowcop Staffs Living at 84 Drummond Road Bermondsey London

1901 Strays - Wales

10 Crown Street, Mid Glamorgan

George Henry BLACKMAN 35 Labourer born Wiltshire (Burbage)

Laura J wife 25 born Abertillery, Monmouthshire

George H R son 9 months born Cardiff

Groes Ca Du, Glamorgan

John J SPANSWICK head 30 Coal miner C Hewer born Burbage Witlshire

Maria wife 23 born Glam Lalerston

David T son 3 born Glam Newcastle

Annie B daug 6months

Groes Ca Du, Glamorgan

Elisha CROSBY head Marr 45 coal miner born Grafton Wilt

Amy wife 45 born Wilts Easton Royal

Groes Ca Du, Glamorgan

William G HART head 29 coal miner born Wilts Everley

Maud M 25 born Wilts Shalbourne

Lucy B daug 7 born Glam Necastle

Annie K daug 5

Ethel M daug 3

Elsie J daug 4months

Glamorgan - Llantrisant & Llantwit Fardre

George PAGE age 48, gardener, born Wiltshire (Wroughton)

Dinah wife age 34, born Wiltshire, Medway

Fred son age 20, born Wiltshire,Blockhouse

Bessie daug age 17, born Wiltshire, Wroughton

Jessie daug age 12, born Wiltshire, Swindon

Flossie daug age 10 born Cardiff

Willie son age 8

Ann M daug age 6

Gilie daug age 4

Georgina daug age 3

Blodwen daug age 1

Glamorgan - Llantrisant & Llantwit Fardre

Arthur PAGE age 22, born Wroughton, Wiltshire

Eliza wife,age 18 born Llantrisant, Glamorgan

Gelli Terrace, Ystradyfodwg, Rhondda

William TILEY age 71 born Elverton,Gloucs

Jane Tiley wife, age 59(maybe 57) born Wiltshire, Allosf..(can't make it out sorry)

1901 Strays - Kent

2 vans adjoining Griffin Manorway Plumstead Kent

Amelia Atkinson 39 Devizes Wiltshire.

City of London - provided by Anthony Brown

Sarah Sparks, aged 59 wife (of William Browne Sparks , Caretaker) Living at 11 Furnival Street, born Great Bedwyn

17 Bridgend Road, Splott, Cardiff - provided by Brian Baker

William HILLIER, 38, head, married, dock labourer

Emily HILLIER, 37, wife

Ellen HILLIER, 13, daughter

Alfred H HILLIER, 11, son

all above born BURBAGE

William T HILLIER, 8, son, born Aberkenfig

Mary E HILLER, 5, daughter, born Aberkenfig

Waler HILLIER, 1, son, born Swansea

Lacock; provided by Pete Barrett

?? the Canal Wharf, Lacock:

John Martin, 55, head, Sawyer, born Burbage

Mary A Martin, 52, wife, born Andover

Thomas Henry Martin, 17 son, Shepherd, born Burbage

High Street, Lacock

William J Martin, 21, Boarder, Groom, born Burbage (Son of the above)

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