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Analphabetic index of GROOMS who appeared in the Marriages conducted at Burbage between December 1837 and September 1900.

Alford, Albert Allford, Frederick Allford, William
Astley, Ernest John Astley, Sidney Avenell, William
Ball, Tom Smith Banning, William Banning, William
Banning, John Conrad Barnett, Henry Barnett, John
Barrett, George Barrett, James Ryling Barrett, Stephen
Beale, John Beavis, George Beckingham, Thomas
Beckingham, William Beckingham, Thomas Beckingham, Thomas Henry
Belton, Frederick Blackman, William Blackman, George
Blackman, William Blackman, Henry Blackman, Stephen
Blackman, Samuel Edward Blundy, Majer Bluring, Charles
Bond, Frederick Bond, Edward Bowen, Charles
Boyels, Thomas Bridgeman, William Bridgeman, George
Bright, Charles Bristol, Shadrach Bristowe, Robert
Broadway, David Broadway, William Broadway, Charles Henry
Budden, James Benjamin Bull, William Henry Bullock, Henry
Bunce, Stephen Burridge, Theophilus Charles Burrough, John Henry
Burroughs, Thomas Burrow, Henry Burrow, Charles
Burrow, James Burrow, Charles Burrow, William
Burrow, William Burrows, James Burrows, James
Burrows, John Butcher, Thomas Butt, James
Castleman, Sidney Castleman, Henry Chandler, John
Chandler, William Chandler, William Chandler, Job
Chandler, William John Cheeseman, Frederick William Child, Valentine Onesiphorus
Chivers, William Choules, Isaac Choules, Jacob
Choules, Thomas Choules, Charles Church, Henry Charles
Cole, Thomas Cole, Henry John Wiltshire Coles, William
Cook, Edward Coombs, Walter Corben, Charles Manship?
Cox, Henry Cox, Elisha Cox, Francis
Cox, John Cox, Job Cox, Thomas
Cox, James Cox, Francis Cox, Walter Harris
Cox, George Francis Crook, Enoch Crook, John
Crook, William Crosby, James Daniel, Thomas Davies
Dash, William Dash, Thomas Davis, Joseph Gordon
Davis, David Davis, George Davis, Job
Davis, Job George Davis, John Davis, David
Davis, George Davis, Henry Thomas Davis, Joseph
Davis, Henry George Davis, Walter Davis, Thomas Henry
Davis, John Charles Davis, Henry Robert Dawson, John
Dawson, Frank Denton, George Henry Denyer, John
Dibsdall, Charles Dobson, Thomas Eagle, Thomas Henry
Eagle, Charles Eagle, George Eagle, William Windsor
Eastman, Charles Edwards, Francis John Eyles, Thomas
Faithful, James Fisher, Giles Fisher, Francis
Fisher, James Fisher, John Fisher, Francis
Fisher, Stephen George Fisher, William Henry Fishlock, Alfred
Flippence, James Frances, Henry Francis, Thomas
Fribbens, Charles Fribbins, William Fribbins, Charles
Fullbrook, Henry Gale, William Gardner, Leonard
Geard, John Bradley Giddings, Edwin George Giddings, Frederick John
Gigg, Henry Giggs, William Gilbert, William
Gill, Edwin George Glass, Jonathan Godbold, John
Goddard, Henry Goddard, William Goddard, Thomas
Goddard, Henery Goddard, Henry Goddard, Stephen
Goddard, William Henry Green, Reuben George Guildford, John
Hailstone, William Hailstone, Henry Hailstone, Alfred
Hailstone, Ernest Harding, Edward Harris, Francis
Hart, Ernest Edward Hatton, Henry Hayes, William
Hayes, James Hayes, Charles Haynes, Robert
Haywood, William Head, Anthony Head, Alma
Heath, Thomas Hibberd, William Hicks, Edgar
Hicks, Joseph Higgs, William Henry Highett, John
Hill, Joseph Hilliard, John Hillier, George
Hillier, Thomas Hillier, Robert Hillier, John
Hillier, George Hillier, Henry Alfred Hillier, David
Hillier, John Hillier, George Hillier, Richard
Hillier, Thomas Henry Hillier, John Hillier, John
Hillier, William Hillier, John Hillier, George
Hillier, George James Hillier, William Henry Hillman, Charles
Hircomb, William Holmes, Charles Holmes, George
Holton, Edwin Hood, George Henry Hooper, John
Hope, Thomas Hope, David Hope, James
Hope, Thomas Hope, James Hope, Luke Noyes
Hope, David Valentine Hope, William Hope, John
Hope, John Jnr Hope, William Henry Hope, William Henry
Hughes, Albert Hunt, Henry Nicholas Hutchins, John
James, Charles Jefferies, Stephen Jeffery, Mark
Jennings, John Jennings, Mordecai Johnson, George
Johnson, Isaac Johnson, George Johnson, George
Jones, William Joyce, George Kempton, Giles
Kempton, William Kempton, Henry Kimber, David
Kimber, William Kimber, William Kimber, David
Kimber, James Kimber, William Kimber, John
Kimber, William Kimber, William Henry Kimber, Walter
Kimber, Charles King, Moses Kingstone, Uriah
Kingstone, Jeremiah Kite, William Knight, George Wilson
Lambert, Richard Monfraville Leaver, John Henry Levy, John
Lewis, Laban Lewis, John Lewis, Joseph
Leyshon, Evan Albert Lidderdale, James Liddiard, Charles
Liddiard, John Thomas Lilburn, Alfred John Long, Simon
Long, Lorenzo Long, Jesse Looker, Samuel
Lovelock, Thomas Lovelock, George Spicer Lovelock, Francis Spicer
Lovelock (alias Spicer), George Mainstone, John Thomas Mann, Robert
Mann, James Marsh, Charles Marsh, William Henry Hayward
Martin, William Martin, Robert Martin, Elijah
Martin, John Martin, William Martin, John
Maslin, Thomas Smith Maten, William Matthews, Joseph John
Matthews, George William Matthews, Frank Matthews, Frederick Perry
Matthews, Edwin George McMillan, Gavin Dickie Mead, George
Merrett, William Merz, Henry Miles, William Andrew
Mills, John Mills, John Mist, John Thomas
Moore, Thomas George Morrison, William Morse, William
Morse, William Morse, William Mundy, Thomas
Neale, Edmund Neale, Thomas New, Thomas
New, John New, Henry New, William
New, Henry New, William Henry New, George
New, George New, William Edward New, Francis
New, Henry New, Henry New, Henry
New, George Newman, George Norfolk, Charles
Norfolk, Henry Norfolk, Thomas North, John Bunce
North, David Noyes, Thomas Henry Noyes, George
Noyes, James Noyes, George Stephen Noyes, Giles Hope
Nutley, John Nutley, Thomas Philip Nutley, William
Nutley, Henry Neale Nutley, Thomas Nutley, John
Nutley, Edwin Philip Nutley, John Nutley, Alfred William
Page, Charles Page, Charles Page, William Henry
Parker, William Pearce, George Pearce, Herbert
Perry, Frederick James Perry, Albert Perry, Frank
Pett, James Platt, Philip Pocock, Thomas
Popejoy, Charles Popejoy, Thomas Popejoy, Maurice
Popejoy, George Popejoy, Albert Edward Popejoy, William Thompson
Popejoy, James Potter, George Potter, Henry John
Pragnell, William Pragnell, John Pragnell, Hugh
Pragnell, Joseph Pye, John Pye, David
Rawlings, George Rawlings, James Rawlings, Solomon
Ray, Harry Arthur Rebbeck, Edmund Roberts, John
Roberts, Henry Roberts, John Roe, Frank
Rogers, Robert Rolfe, William Rolls, Arthur John
Rose, Charles Ruddle, George Ruddle, William
Ruddle, George Ruddle, Charles Oliver Rutt, David
Sainsbury, Frank Sandford, John Scarlett, John
Scarlett, Henry Scott, Thomas Sheppard, Edward
Skitrall, John Skitrall, Henry Skitrall, William
Skittral, Henry Skittral, Henry Skittral, David
Skittral, Job George Skittrall, Stephen Sloper, John
Smallbones, John Edward Smart, James Smart, William
Smith, William Smith, John Smith, Thomas
Smith, Stephen Smith, George Smith, John
Smith, James Smith, John Smith, Frederick
Smith, George Smith, William Smith, Frederick
Smith, William Westbury Smith, Charles Smith, George
Smith, John Smith, Frederick Smith, Thomas
Smith, George Spackman, Charles Thos Spackman, James
Spackman, Edwin Spackman, Edward Sawyer Spackman, Elijah
Spackman, James Spanswick, George Spanswick, John
Spanswick, James Stagg, Daniel Stagg, Thomas
Stagg, Edward Stagg, Henry Start, Richard
Stone, Alfred Stone, Sidney Stone, Alfred
Stralton, George Summerhayes, Walter Swanburrow, William
Swatton, William Swatton, Thomas Talbot, George Vallis
Taylor, William Crowhurst Thornton, Charles Towers, Robert
Townsend, Charles Trueman, William Tucker, George
Tucker, Richard Tucker, Richard Vallis, James
Vallis, Thomas Vallis, James Vardy, Matthew
Viveash, Charles Viveash, John Waight, John
Wait, James Walker, Evan Walton, Isaac
Warder, Joseph Ware, Thomas Wareham, Samuel
Wareham, Albert Harris Webb, Frederick William Wheeler, Thomas
Wheeler, John Wheeler, William Wheeler, George
Wheeler, Henry Wheeler, Thomas Wheeler, William
Wheeler, Job Wheeler, Thomas Wheeler, Henry
Wheeler, Tom Townsend White, Isaac White, Philip
Wilcox, David Willcox, George Williams, Walter
Willoughby, John Wiltshire, Luke Wiltshire, William
Windsor, Henry Windsor, Joseph Witts, Henry
Wylds, Elias Young, John Henry
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