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Analphabetic index of BRIDES who appeared in the Marriages conducted at Burbage between December 1837 and September 1900.

Abbott, Elizabeth Andrews, Anne Austey, Tryphena
Axom, Harriet Bailey, Martha Ann Bailey, Mary Ann
Bailey, Annie Maria Bailey, Emily Ellen Bailey, Fanny Louisa
Bailey, Kate Elizabeth Bailey, Sarah Jane Ball, Sarah
Ball, Charlotte Smith Ball, Sarah Banning, Anne
Barley, Harriet Barley, Sarah Barnett, Ellen
Barnett, Annie Barrett, Sarah Lucy Barrett, Joanna
Barrett, Catharine Annie Marsh Barrett, Annie Bartlett, Elizabeth Prime?
Bartlett, Sarah Elizabeth Beckingham, Mary Beckingham, Sarah Maria
Beckingham, Annie Louisa Beckingham, Alice Billiter, Jane
Black, Rose Ann Blackman, Mary Blackman, Sarah
Blackman, Maria Blake, Martha Blake, Mary
Blake, Emma Blake, Charlotte Blundy, Mary Maria
Blundy, Annie Blundy, Mary Jane Bond, Elizabeth
Bond, Mary Bridgeman, Ann Bridgman, Sarah
Bridgman, Elizabeth Bridgman, Ann Maria Bridgment, Harriet Sinela
Brinsden, Martha Bristol, Ann Bristol, Elizabeth
Broadway, Sarah Ann Brooke, Sarah Ann Burough, Elizabeth
Burrough, Mary Burrough, Eliza Jane Burrough, Rachel
Burrow, Harriet Burrow, Ann Burrow, Mary
Burrow, Elizabeth Burrow, Sarah Burrow, Elizabeth Ann
Burrows, Avis Bushel, Sarah Bushell, Ann
Bushell, Elizabeth Bushnell, Alice Louisa Castleman, Mary
Castleman, Annie Brittannia Champion, Mary Chandler, Ann
Chandler, Ann Chandler, Mary Chandler, Jane
Chandler, Emma Chandler, Millicent Chandler, Sarah
Chandler, Elizabeth Chandler, Honor Chandler, Hannah
Chandler, Elizabeth Ann Choules, Mary Church, Ann
Church, Alice Church, Mary Coburn, Lucretia Blanche
Cole, Rachel Cole, Mary Ann Cole, Hannah
Cole, Henrietta Rosanna Cook, Louisa Cope, Eliza
Cottle, Sarah Ann Cottle, Ellen Jane Court, Sarah
Cox, Elizabeth Cox, Anne Cox, Prudence
Cox, Sarah Cox, Honour Cox, Mary
Cox, Sarah Cox, Anna Cox, Sarah
Cox, Georgiana Cox, Rebecca Cox, Emma
Cripps, Emma Crook, Amelia Crook Ashley, Elizabeth Ann
Crosby, Eliz.th Dance, Mary Davies, Jane
Davis, Amy Davis, Ann Davis, Mary Ann
Davis, Elizabeth Ann Davis, Ann Davis, Maria
Davis, Ann Joanna Davis, Emma Matilda Davis, Ann Joanna
Davis, Emily Ellen Davis, Fanny Elizabeth Day, Annie
Dixon, Martha Dove, Fanny Eagle, Ann
Eagle, Elizabeth Eagle, Sarah Ann Eagle, Elizabeth
Eagle, Selina Eliza Edwards, Emily Evans, Jane
Farmer, Eliza Farrant, Kate Fisher, Alice
Fisher, Elizabeth Fisher, Kate Sabina Fisher, Elizabeth
Foot, Elizabeth Ford, Sophia Ford, Caroline
Ford, Kate Franklin, Elizabeth Fribance, Jane
Fribans, Jane Fribans, Sophia Fribbance, Ann
Fribbance, Mary Ann Fribbance, Bessie Fribbence, Louisa Maria
Fribbins, Ann Froom, Harriet Fry, Pamela
Gale, Elizabeth Gale, Mary Gale, Jessica
Gale, Sarah Gale, Ruth Gale, Sarah Young
Gigg, Jane Gilbert, Eliza Gilbert, Elizabeth
Gilbert, Martha Goddard, Hester Goddard, Jane
Goddard, Elizabeth Goddard, Mary Ann Goddard, Julia
Goddard, Annie Maria Goddard, Emily Good, Amy Emma
Goodridge, Caroline Guilford, Mary Jane Hailstone, Harriet
Hailstone, Rachael Hannath, Annie Georgina Harding, Mary Ann
Hart, Mary Hart, Annie Maria Hatter, Rebecca
Hatter, Mary Ann Hatter, Hannah Hayes, Mary
Head, Mary Jane Highett, Rosina Highett, Elizabeth Reynolds
Hilliard, Mary Maria Hilliard, Catherine Sarah Hilliard, Annie Sophia
Hilliard, Anna Maria Hilliard, Emily Hilliard, Harriet
Hilliard, Phoebe Amelia Hilliard, Elizabeth Hillier, Harriet
Hillier, Eliza Hillier, Jemima Hillier, Jane
Hillier, Maria Hillier, Eliza Hillier, Charlotte
Hillier, Caroline Hillier, Mary Ann Hillier, Ann
Hillier, Anna Maria Hillier, Eliza Hillier, Jane Sophia
Hillier, Hannah Hillier, Elizabeth Ann Hillier, Sarah
Hillier, Jane Hillier, Julia Hillier, Elizabeth
Hillier, Elizabeth Hillier, Annie Elizabeth Hillier, Harriet Ann
Hillier, Alice Hillier, Ellen Eva Hillier, Charlotte Jane
Hillman, Eliza Hindy, Hannah Hiscock, Ann
Holliday, Sophia Fanny Holmes, Keziah Hooper, Jane
Hooper, Ann Hooper, Elizabeth Hope, Sarah
Hope, Ann Hope, Honor Hope, Susannah
Hope, Sarah Amelia Hope, Tabitha Noyes Hope, Emma
Hope, Elizabeth Ann Hope, Sarah Ann Hope, Emma
Hope, Mary Anne Hopgood, Hannah Ingram, Ursula Strachan
Jackman, Elizabeth James, Eliza James, Emily
Jeffries, Sarah Johnson, Susannah Johnson, Emily
Johnson, Alice Mary Jones, Hannah Keen, Alice Ann Collard
Keene, Mary OCC# Kimber, Maria Kimber, Louisa
Kimber, Mary Ann Kimber, Jane Kimber, Mary Ann
Kimber, Sarah Kingstone, Milicent Kingstone, Susannah
Kingstone, Caroline Knight, Caroline Lang, Annie
Lawrence, Charlotte Lawrence, Ann Lender, Joanna
Lewis, Martha Mary Lewis, Mary Ann Liddiard, Elizabeth
Liddiard, Elizabeth Long, Honour Long, Mary
Long, Mary Jane Lovelock, Ellen Spicer Lovelock, Sarah
Lovelock, Anna Maria Lydiard, Hannah Maidment, Sarah
Marchment, Mary Marchment, Emily Kimber Marks, Eliza
Marks, Mary Ann Marks, Dinah Marsh, Sophia
Marsh, Hannah Marsh, Ann Marsh, Millicent
Martin, Mary Ann Mason, Ann Maten, Sarah Young
Matthews, Mary Emily Mead, Hannah Maria Merritt, Mary Frances
Mills, Sarah Annie Minshall, Agnes Fanny Morse, Mary Ann
Moss, Alice Nash, Jane Neale, Mary Cox
Neale, Maria Neale, Amy Neale, Elizabeth
Neale, Sarah Neale, Jane Neale, Mary Newman
Neighbour, Hannah New, Mary Ann New, Mary Ann
New, Martha New, Hannah New, Ann
New, Ellen New, Hannah New, Ellen
New, Elizabeth New, Emma New, Maria
New, Annie Maria Newbury, Eliza Newman, Mary
Newman, Elizabeth Newman, Eliza Newman, Ann
Norfolk, Caroline Norris, Elizabeth Norris, Susannah
Norris, Louisa Noyes, Ann Noyes, Martha
Nutley, Sarah Nutley, Ann Nutley, Mary Ann
Nutley, Mary Nutley, Sarah Annie Oborne, Sarah
Oborne, Ellen Page, Susannah Page, Mary
Page, Ann Page, Annie Sophia Page, Ellen
Palmer, Sarah Parker, Martha Pearce, Hester
Pearce, Charlotte Pearce, Mary Jane Perry, Alice
Peters, Rosanna Pike, Caroline Pike, Mary
Pinchin, Mary Platt, Mary Platt, Martha
Platt, Eliza Pocock, Alice Pocock, Cicely
Popejoy, Thomisa Popejoy, Elizabeth Popejoy, Georgeina
Popejoy, Jane Pragnell, Ann Pye, Sarah
Pye, Ann Pye, Elizabeth Pye, Elizabeth
Pye, Mary Jane Pye, Sarah Ann Pye, Ann
Rasey, Sarah Rawlings, Mary Rawlings, Jane
Rawlings, Hannah Rawlings, Ann Reeves, Harriet Gale
Roberts, Honor Roberts, Augusta Rogers, Sarah
Rose, Mary Ann Ruddle, Rachael Ruddle, Elizabeth Louise
Ruddle, Rachael Ruddle, Harriett Rumble, Mealea# Ann
Saunders, Ellen Sawyer, Eliza Sayers, Lucy
Scarlett, Jane Shaw, Rachel Anne Shepherd, Hannah
Skitterall, Jane Skittral, Mary Skittral, Sophia
Skittral, Ann Skittral, Ellen Skittral, Mary Ann
Skittral, Susannah Skittral, Rebecca Skittral, Charlotte
Skittral, Elizabeth Ann Skittrall, Sarah Skittrall, Jane
Skittrall, Mary Skittrall, Georgianna Skittrall, Alice
Sloper, Elizabeth Smallbones, Elizabeth Smart, Elizabeth
Smart, Jane Smith, Eliza Smith, Mary Ann
Smith, Maria Smith, Lucy Smith, Sarah
Smith, Honor Smith, Caroline Smith, Elizabeth
Smith, Harriet Smith, Millicent# Smith, Ann
Smith, Martha Jane Smith, Eliza Ann Smith, Annie
Smith, Mary Melita Smith, Emily Spackman, Maria
Spackman, Sarah Ann Spackman, Mary Jane Spackman, Emma Melida/Matilda
Spanswick, Mary Ann Spanswick, Sarah Spanswick, Mary Ann
Spanswick, Mary Spanswick, Mary Ann Sparks, Sarah
Spratt, Mary Stagg, Rebecca Stagg, Hannah
Stagg, Mary Stagg, Mary Ann Stagg, Maria
Stanton, Agnes Stone, Eliza Stone, Harriet
Stone, Sarah Elizth. Stone, Sarah Elizabeth Stone, Sarah Elizabeth
Swanborough, Hannah Maria Tasker, Joanna Tasker, Mary Ann
Tasker, Julia Lansley Teagle, Annie Thomas, Susan
Truman, Honor Tucker, Jane Tucker, Tryphena
Tucker, Sophia Vallis, Louisa Vidler, Fanny
Viveash, Maria Viveash, Elizabeth Waite, Mary Jane
Ward, Sarah Wareham, Alice Ann Wareham, Frances Alice Noyes
Webber, Sarah Laura Wells, Eliza Westbury, Charlotte
Westbury, Jane Westbury, Sarah Jane Wheeler, Ruth
Wheeler, Emily Mary Wheeler, Catherine Wheeler, Britannia Maria
Wheeler, Henrietta Wheeler, Christina Wheeler, Violetta Rebecca
Wheeler, Mary Jane Whitbread, Eliza Whitcher, Martha
White, Amy White, Sarah White, Elizabeth
White, Jemima White, Sarah Jane White, Sarah
Wilcox, Ann Willcox, Elizabeth Willcox, Annie Sophia
Willcox, Emily Mary Wiltshire, Sarah Windsor, Susanne
Wisly, Ellen Yates, Mary Ann
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