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Burbage Bibliography

Updated 15 Aug 1998

Bibliography of Burbage, from Wiltshire Bibliography compiled by Canon Ed. H. Goddard F.S.A. published Wiltshire Education Committee 1929

Abbreviations: W.A.M. = Wiltshire Archeological Magazine
M.I. = Monumental Inscriptions

Enclosure Act. Collingbourne Kingston and Burbage 1815
Act vesting lands in Burbage etc, in Earl of Pembroke. 1783
Antiquities, Barrows, etc. W.A.M., XXXVIII, 218
Charities Return. 1901 Church, Architecture. W.C. Lukis 1851. W.A.M., XLI, 132
Church, Architecture, Sir S. Glynne's Notes. W.A.M., XLII, 179
Church, Bells. Walter's Ch. Bells of Wilts., 1927, p. 44
Church, Plate. Ch. Plate of Wilts., 165
Church, Mon. Inscrips. Phillipps' M.I. N. Wilts, 180 [available at Devizes Museum & Trowbridge RO]
Church, Survey, Rectory etc, 1649. W.A.M., XLI, 31
Anglo-Saxon Bounds of Bedwyn and Burbage. O.G.S. Crawford W.A.M., XLI, 281-301. Map
Manor, Note on history W.A.M., II, 276
Properties. See Wilts Inquisitions, Ed. I, Ed. II, Ed. III, Ch. I.
Registers, extracts from. J. Ward, Collectanea Topog. et Genealog., VII, 180-8
Roman Crossbow, etc, found at Southgrove Farm. E.H. Goddard, W.A.M., XXVIII, 87-90
Roman Road. Hoare, Ancient Wilts, II, 70. Plan
Savernake in the Vale. W.M. Adams. 16 chapters in Marlborough Times 1905(?). 3 chapters on Burbage
Rev. T.L. Kingsbury (Vicar). Obituary notice and List of Writings. W.A.M., XXXI, 92-6
Wiltshire Emigration Association, The Wiltshire Family History Society 1993, ISBN 0 95 12253 9 1 [The emigration scheme was established in 1849 with the aim of assisting suitable workers to emigrate to Australia. Thirty people went from Burbage in 1851. The scheme faltered and closed the next year]

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